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Kennywood celebrates 100 years of its iconic rollercoaster The Thunderbolt

Kennywood celebrates 100 years of the Thunderbolt

Kennywood celebrates 100 years of the Thunderbolt


WEST MIFFLIN (KDKA) – Saturday was a milestone day and a celebration at Kennywood as one of the park’s most iconic coasters turned 100 years old.

The Thunderbolt, originally named The Pippin, wooden rollercoaster opened to parkgoers on May 4, 1924. It was designed by coaster builder John Miller and was one of Kennywood’s first rollercoasters.

That was before the lift hill and helix curves were added in 1968.

The Thunderbolt was then named “King of the Coasters” by the New York Times in 1974.

Along with the Jack Rabbit and Racer, Kennywood’s three wooden rollercoasters have been named a Landmark Ride by the American Coaster Enthusiasts in previous years.

A new plaque has been installed outside of the ride in commemoration of the anniversary and Kennywood said that more is on the way this summer to celebrate 100 years of the Thunderbolt.

For those heading to Kennywood for the first time this summer, the Thunderbolt is in the Kennyville section of the park by the iconic Potato Patch, where visitors can get the park’s famous French Fries.

You can get tickets to the park and see their hours and events on their website at this link.