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Norwegian unemployment remained stable at 2% in April

Data from the Norwegian Labor and Welfare Organization shows that Norway’s unemployment rate is 2% in April, unchanged from the previous month.

It is also the lowest rate since December 2023.

The number of unemployed people in the country fell to 71,220 in April from 71,560 in March, the data showed.

The USD/NOK currency pair closed 1.25% lower at 10.8431 on Friday. This week, the exotic currency pair fell 1.53%, marking its worst weekly performance since mid-December 2023.

The Forex pair fell not far from a new three-week low of 10.8015, which it reached during the early US session on Friday.

Author: Miroslav Marinoff
Miroslav Marinoff, news editor at TradingPedia, observes and reports on trends in the foreign exchange market and the US stock market.