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Get ready for 2 hours of The Finals season 3 teases coming soon

The finale‘ Last season has been great so far, with Power Shift and Terminal Attack proving that Embark’s creativity extends beyond the normal modes. We’re now officially halfway through, what does that mean? The season 3 finale is fast approaching. You’ll be able to ask Embark Studios about the upcoming update soon, as well as any other burning questions you have, but you’ll want to mark your calendar for this date first.

On Wednesday, May 8, 2024, PS5 and Xbox players can head over to The Finals subreddit, where Embark Studios will host a two-hour Ask Me Anything session. Joining the session to answer questions from fans of the critically acclaimed FPS game are Embark Studios co-founder Rob Runesson and creative director Gustav Tilleby. Subreddit moderator ‘tron3747’ says that “we hope the AMA does well and acts as the start of many more future interactions and AMAs with Embark, on the subreddit. We humbly thank Dusty, CX Lead and Oscar, Community Lead at Embark Studios for making this possible.”

Aside from earning the limited-time Terminal Attack rewards and putting this meta-weapon to the test, you probably know that The Finals battle pass ends on Tuesday, June 11, 2024. Once it expires, The Finals Season 3 will likely begin on Wednesday June 12, 2024, bringing a new wave of new content to Embark’s growing multiplayer game. But what exactly will season 3 include?

The Finals AMA reddit: An image from the finals subreddit.

For starters, speculatively speaking, it’s possible that the return of Recon Senses is on the table. The popular ability was removed due to balance issues, leaving it out of the game for The Finals Season 2 meta. Embark continues to experiment with the feature, and Season 3 seems like a prime opportunity to relaunch it. As a fan of Season 2’s current synthwave paradise, I’m curious to see what aesthetic Embark will tackle next. The studio has teased a world beyond the virtual walls of the in-universe game show, and who knows, we might discover the secrets behind The Finals’ mysterious sponsors.

I’ve been digging through early footage of the game, including the presence of vehicles – an aspect still missing from The Finals. Jumping into a slick form of transportation and crashing through every building sounds exciting, and Power Shift has given us a taste of what that’s like to some extent. In our conversation with Embark Studios at the start of Season 2, the studio told me that extensive cosmetic options like facial hair were in the works. I’m confident that the drip levels in Season 3 will be as flawless as they are in the current season, but I’m ready to take my customization options further.

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If you have any questions for Embark Studios, you can tune into the Reddit AMA session here:

  • PST: 9am – 11am
  • EST: 12:00 PM – 2:00 PM
  • GMT: 4:00 PM – 6:00 PM

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