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The bans have begun – Some Helldivers 2 players forced to do the unthinkable have already lost their accounts

The Helldivers 2 community is currently in shambles and Arrowhead Game Studios is doing everything they can to limit the damage. Sony’s controversial decision to make linking Steam accounts and PSN accounts mandatory has not only sparked a huge backlash but also some unforeseen circumstances.

The problem is that linking the accounts is mandatory if people want to play the game. This not only means that you have a PSN account, but also that you have the service in your country. PlayStation Network isn’t a global service, and now players in countries where PlayStation Network doesn’t exist are finding themselves up a certain creek without a paddle.

Helldivers 2 players can’t link accounts and get banned Helldivers 2 players can’t avoid the ban hammers.

Although there are a total of 190 independent countries in the world, PlayStation Network is available in only 69 of them. This wasn’t a problem when people…