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She goes by the name Kitty Pryde again in Exceptional X-Men #1

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For the Krakoan Age of X-Men, which began in 2019, Kitty Pryde adopted the name Kate Pryde as the pirate captain of the Marauders.

When Kitty Pryde first appeared in X-Men in 1979, she soon met her future self, Kate Pryde from the year 2013. Recently, for the Krakoan Age of X-Men, which started in 2019, she took the name Kate Pryde on. again as pirate captain of the Marauders. This made her storyline darker and for the Fall Of But now, with From The Ashes, she’s once again taking on the name Kitty Pryde, it seems, alongside Emma Frost for the new comic Exceptional X-Men Through Eva L Ewing And Carmen Carnero.

Her name is "Kitty Pryde" In Exceptional X-Men #1Her name is "Kitty Pryde" In Exceptional X-Men #1

“From the New Mutants to the Hellions, discovering you’re a mutant in the Marvel Universe has never been easy, and in the aftermath of Krakoa, it will be harder than ever! As the X-Men reintegrate into society after the fall of their mutant nation, mutants around the world still need protection, community and guidance. In EXCEPTIONAL X-MEN, a group of young mutants will happily be trained by two of the greatest teachers in X-Men history: Kitty Pryde and Emma Frost. Today, fans can learn more about the series and see the reveal of the first issue’s cover!

“Written by acclaimed author Eve L. Ewing and drawn by superstar Marvel Stormbreaker artist Carmen Carnero, EXCEPTIONAL The series introduces three all-new mutants who turn to Kitty and Emma for help with their emerging gifts: the metal and whip-wielding Bronze, the emotionally stirring Axo, and the stealth-savvy fighter Melee! Under Kitty and Emma’s guidance, they learn not only how to survive – but to thrive! But Kitty and Emma haven’t always seen eye to eye, and they’ll have lessons to teach each other too, if they pick up the call again – for the kids!

“EXCEPTIONAL X-MEN begins with Kitty trying to get as far away from all things X as possible. After the actions she took during Fall of That’s definitely NOT setting you up to lead a whole new team of wayward young mutants while avoiding the watchful gaze of Emma Frost. That’s it.

“Longtime fans of Kitty Pryde can expect the kind of adventures you expect from her as a classic favorite, while I hope readers new and old will love this all-new team of young mutants,” Ewing said. Kitty, the former sister of the a time of crisis.”

“The story that Eve brought to the table really captivated me from the beginning,” Carnero said. “I thought it was really interesting to see Kitty away from the X-Men and living a normal life in Chicago, but finding herself with young mutants dealing with this post-Krakoa world and Emma’s plans.”

As for how the new cast will connect with both new and old fans, Ewing said: “I always try to strike a chord between appealing to veteran comic book fans and new readers, but since so many people fell in love with the X-Men as teenagers and this book is about a team of young people, which I think is particularly important here.”

“As for the young mutants, I think the whole team fell in love with all three of them,” Carnero added. “I love that they are such opposites. Eve had very distinct personalities, hobbies, taste in music, how they feel… And when it came to designing it all developed naturally, and the whole team had a clear picture of what their final look would look like. I can’t wait for readers to meet them.”

Her name is "Kitty Pryde" In Exceptional X-Men #1Her name is "Kitty Pryde" In Exceptional X-Men #1

Written by EVE L. EWING
Art and cover by CARMEN CARNERO
For sale 9/4

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