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Watch: Man Stops Suzuki Hayabusa From Driving Away With His Bare Hands! | Car news

A video of a man stopping a Suzuki Hayabusa with his bare hands has gone viral and sparked debate about power, safety and the responsible use of high-performance motorcycles. The incident has attracted attention not only because of the physical feat on display, but also because it involves the Hayabusa, a bicycle known for its speed and power.

Man stops Suzuki Hayabusa from driving away with his bare hands! | Source: Reddit


  • A recent viral video shows a man physically stopping a Suzuki Hayabusa, which shows an incredible display of human strength.
  • The incident has sparked online debates about the safety and responsibility of manually stopping high-performance motorcycles.
  • The Suzuki Hayabusa, known for its high speed and cult status in India, was unexpectedly stopped during a street brawl.

A recent video circulating on social media shows a surprising moment when a large man stops a Suzuki Hayabusa, known as one of the fastest production motorcycles in the world, from speeding away. The incident, captured during an unclear argument between the man and the motorcyclist, quickly went viral and sparked a mixture of awe and debate among viewers.

Unlikely confrontation on the street

The background of the viral video remains a mystery, but prominently shows a confrontation between a large white man, wearing glasses, and a motorcyclist wearing a helmet, riding boots and gloves. The disagreement escalates and while the motorcyclist tries to make a quick escape on his powerful Suzuki Hayabusa, the unexpected happens. Instead of the superbike hurtling into the distance, the man steps in front of it and physically stops it with his hands firmly on the front fairing.

Hayabusa: The Legend

Introduced in 1999, the Suzuki Hayabusa quickly gained fame for its breathtaking speed, which could exceed 300 km/h (186 mph). The Hayabusa is known for its sleek design and powerful engine of more than 170 hp and symbolizes fast performance and excellent technology. This particular model in the video appears to be from 2007, a year before Suzuki updated the model in 2008 and significantly refreshed it in 2022.

The debate

The video has not only highlighted the man’s immense physical strength, but has also sparked conversations about responsible riding and the capabilities of high-end bikes like the Hayabusa. Viewers’ comments ranged from admiration for the man’s strength, jokingly comparing it to “a farm boy’s build” and someone who “wrestles bulls,” to concern over the potential danger and irresponsibility of manually stopping such a powerful machine.

Additionally, the debate extends to the cycling community, where some suggest the motorcyclist controlled the motorcycle’s force to avoid injury to both the man and the bike. This restraint likely prevented a more serious altercation or accident.

Suzuki Hayabusa a cultural icon

In India, the Hayabusa holds a special place in the hearts of superbike enthusiasts, partly due to its role in popular Bollywood cinema, most notably in the film ‘Dhoom’, where it was glorified as a symbol of speed and escape. This has contributed to the cult status and passionate following it enjoys among Indian riders.