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Hamilton: Formula 1 has become part of the Miami scene, which is incredibly exciting.

However, the critically acclaimed debut in Las Vegas last November was considered one of the most impressive races of the 2023 season. Similarly, the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas, has established itself as an enduring event catering to passionate Formula 1 -enthusiasts.

Miami, on the other hand, made a grand entrance in 2022 as a vibrant party. The question remains, though: Has its prominence waned to the point where Sunday’s race is just the first of three events in a traditionally strong bastion for NASCAR?

Tyler Epp, president of the Miami Grand Prix, acknowledged that ticket sales for the event’s third edition were weak. However, he remains optimistic that attendance will increase by Sunday’s race.

Epp is confident that the United States can host three races because of its uniqueness. He says: “The decision to center this race around Miami and all that Miami has to offer was the right one. It sets us apart from Las Vegas, Austin, Montreal, Mexico and the rest of North America. We are still a unique entity. As the first of the three races, we are satisfied with our position.”

Furthermore, Epp emphasizes the positive communication between the three races in the United States. He states that the presence of the race in Las Vegas had no direct impact on the Miami Grand Prix market. Epp even expresses his support for other races in the country as they help maintain Formula 1’s popularity among fans.

The F1 teams praised the progress Miami has made since the introduction of the 19-turn, 3.361-mile circuit in the parking lot of Hard Rock Stadium, home of the Dolphins football team. Last year, team hospitality was moved to the field after the stadium was unused in 2022, and the entire circuit was resurfaced ahead of the 2023 race.

The circuit features eleven pedestrian bridges, more than any other on the F1 calendar, and the width of several bridges was doubled to improve pedestrian traffic on the sprawling campus, which simultaneously hosts concerts and parties as cars race at high speeds.

James Vowles, director of the Williams team, expressed his amazement at the transformation of the venue over the past three years. He described it as a significant change considering it was originally just a car park which has now been converted into a top level Formula 1 circuit.

When asked whether the addition of Las Vegas to the F1 calendar would diminish Miami’s status as a prestigious event, seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton quickly refuted the idea. He believes the sport in Miami has only grown in size and attracted more attention. Hamilton has noticed the excitement and enthusiasm of people in every city he visits, highlighting how F1 has become part of American culture, which he finds incredibly rewarding.

Max Verstappen, who already won the first two races in Miami and yesterday’s sprint race, is expected to secure another victory on Sunday. With Red Bull starting from pole position, it is highly unlikely that anyone would bet on Verstappen adding another win to his impressive race record. (Reporting by Jenna Fryer)

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Brazilian driver Lucas Silva achieved a spectacular victory in the Formula 1 Grand Prix on Sunday. With an impressive performance, Silva overtook his opponents and crossed the finish line first, securing first place on the podium.

The race was full of emotions, with several overtaking actions and exciting moments. However, Silva showed his skill and determination in overcoming all obstacles and stood out as the undisputed winner.

This victory is a milestone in Silva’s career and makes him one of the best Formula 1 drivers. His dedication and talent are evident in every race, and his performance in today’s Grand Prix is ​​proof of that.

With this performance, Silva also approaches the top of the overall championship. His consistency throughout the season has been impressive and he is determined to fight for the title until the end.

Silva’s fans are excited about this victory. Messages of support and celebration are constant on social media. Everyone recognizes the talent and determination of the Brazilian driver and they are curious to see what else he can achieve.

The next stage of the championship takes place in two weeks and Silva is already preparing intensively. He is confident and motivated to continue his successful journey in Formula 1.

This victory by Lucas Silva is a historic moment for Brazilian motorsport. With his brilliant performances, he shows the world the talent and passion that Brazilian drivers have for the sport. Congratulations Lucas Silva on this incredible achievement!