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Sunidhi Chauhan to Atif Aslam, 6 times singers reacted after fans threw things on stage during concerts

As much as we love streaming our favorite artist’s songs, it’s always a 100th time better plan when we get to hear their songs live. Therefore, despite the escalation of music culture on social media, fans never want to miss an opportunity for live concerts. But what if the same fan turns around when the artist in front of them comes to perform live?

There have been several instances where mischievous fans tried to misbehave with their idols and even went as far as attacking them.

The Ghaghra singer was recently the victim of a fan attack. When Sunidhi was performing at a Dehradun concert recently, a fan threw a bottle at her, which thankfully did not hurt her. Although she did not interrupt the concert and no one shouted, she simply said: “What can throwing bottles achieve? Nothing. It will only disrupt the show. Do you want that?” Her fans quickly said ‘No’ to each other.

2. Atif Aslam

Although it is a very infamous practice where admirers throw notes at their idols, Pak singer Atif Aslam once spoke strongly against it. He stopped his performance briefly to tell his fans: “My friend, donate this money, don’t throw it at me, this is just disrespect for the money.” Because of this, fans call the singer a real legend.

Only last year, Arijit’s hand was seriously injured by a fan during a performance in Aurangabad. The excited fan had pulled the singer’s hand so hard that he had to stop his concert and told her: ‘You have to understand. You’re an adult, right? You’re an adult, right? Why did you pull me like that? My hand is shaking right now. I can’t move my hand.”

In July 2019, the singer was performing in Vancouver, Canada, when he was attacked by a Punjabi man. He was lucky that before the man could hurt him deeply, he escaped the attack. Guru’s team had later detailed the incident in a statement saying, ‘As Guru ended the show and left the stage, that Punjabi man came and hit him hard on his face with a punch, causing Guru to bleed on the spot. his forehead.”

In early 2023, the Abhi Mujh Mein Kahin singer was attacked by a man over a mere selfie. In the physical altercation, Sonu and his friend Rabbani Khan suffered several injuries. Later, he narrated the incident to the media and said, “After the concert, I was coming down from the stage when a man Swapnil Prakash Phaterpekar held me. Then he pushed Hari and Rabbani, who came to save me. Then I fell on the stairs. I filed a complaint so that people would think about taking selfies forcibly and causing a scuffle.”

During one of his concerts in Karnataka in 2023, the Bum Lahiri singer was attacked at the event. Two men had allegedly repeatedly thrown half-full water bottles at Kailash for not singing Kannada songs. The singer later said: ‘There were 50,000 energetic people in the audience. Two impulsive people became restless. They wanted to hear Kannada songs. Since we had a predetermined set of numbers, I asked them to be patient.”