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TNA impact on AXS TV taping results for 5/9 and 5/16

The next few weeks of TNA Wrestling programming are in the books.

On Saturday, TNA taped matches and segments for the next three weeks of iMPACT On AXS TV.

Shown below, courtesy of Arya Witner and, are complete spoilers.

TNA Wrestling TV taping results from Saturday, May 4, 2024


Tasha Steelz defeated Allie Katch
KUSHIDA defeated Steve Gibki
The strange black substance from KUSHIDA’s match with Jonathan Gresham at Under Siege may have taken a toll on him here. Gresham, who has worn an octopus mask as part of his ring entrance for years, had coughed up an ink-like substance on Friday and at one point forced the ink into KUSHIDA’s mouth.
After KUSHIDA defeated Gibiki here, he collapsed in the hall and coughed up more inky substance.
TNA Impact taping for May 9, 2024:

The celebration of the system championship
Moose claimed that The System was better than the 1996 Chicago Bulls and the 1992 Dream Team, but the fans didn’t seem to care.
Matt Hardy confronted the group, but was soon outnumbered. The system wrapped his head in a chair, but Ryan Nemeth ran out and made the save.
First Class (AJ Francis & Rich Swann) defeated FBI (Ray Jaz & Zack Clayton) w/Little Guido
The Rascalz defeated Jake Something and Cody Deaner in an Albany Tornado Match
Steve Maclin came in and laid out the Rascalz after the match.
Gabby LaSpisa interviewed Ash By Elegance
This was described to us as a “REALLY WEIRD” segment.
LaSpisa kept asking Elegance what her name means and what is officially on her birth certificate.
LaSpisa then showed a video of Elegance using her rings as a foreign object in her match against Xia Brookside. This sparked a debate about what is considered a foreign object.
This ultimately led to a rematch between Brookside and Elegance for next week, with the winner gaining possession of the rings.
“This segment made me never want to see Gabby again. Unfortunately, she will be back later,” Witner wrote about the segment.
Jonathan Gresham defeated Will Ferrara
During this match the referee started coughing, which would reappear later.
Speedball Mountain (Mike Bailey & Trent Seven) defeated ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) with Mustafa Ali on commentary
The stipulation here was that the winning team would face each other in the future and the winner of that match would get a shot at Ali’s X-Division title.

TNA Impact taping for May 16, 2024 results:

Ash By Elegance w/Personal Concierge defeated Xia Brookside
After the match, Elegance and Personal Concierge (George Iceman) demanded Brookside kneel and present her with the rings. However, Brookside used the rings to knock out Elegance.
“It goes without saying that Dana Brooke isn’t the smoothest, most polished wrestler in the world, but this combination between her and Personal Concierge is amazing. Concierge has been involved with TNA/Impact since before the pandemic, doing backup ring announcements and random other duties, but this is the first time he’s been used as a character and they make a great team,” Witner wrote.
Leon Slater defeated Alan Angels
The referee who coughed earlier coughed again here and eventually had to be replaced after he started coughing up ink, similar to what KUSHIDA had coughed up at the Xplosion taping.
After the match, Kon came out to attack Angels, but Slater stood up to him and made the save.
Gabby LaSpisa interviewed Jake Something
LaSpisa was curious about names again. Something explained that when he was growing up, he was told he wouldn’t amount to anything, but now he is something.
Something was angry about Deaner, putting him on a losing streak. Deaner came out and brought up that the two are cousins ​​(in the TNA storyline, Jake Something debuted as cousin Jake three years ago). Deaner apologized for turning Something on to join Violent By Design years ago, but Something clotheslined him.
Frankie Kazarian defeated Steve Maclin
The Rascalz intervened and Wentz spray painted Maclin in the face.
Matt Hardy, Ryan Nemeth, Eric Young, Joe Hendry, Sami Callihan, Steph De Lander & Spitfire (Jody Threat & Dani Luna) defeated Moose, Eddie Edwards, Laredo Kid, Jordynne Grace, Alisha Edwards & Masha Slamovich in a 16-way Champions vs. contenders match
“This was a really good match and everyone got a moment to shine, with the final hot tag going to Hendry. Once the male members of The System entered, it essentially became an 8-on-3 handicap match as they refused to tag anyone other than each other. Ali got frustrated because no one wanted to tag him, so he walked out. To make up for the fact that fourteen people wouldn’t be legal at any point, there were only a few people on the platform at a time, which made it a lot easier for people, like me, sitting on the corners of the platform. the ring to see,” Witner writes.
After the match, PCO came out and presented De Lander with a black rose as a romantic gesture. Matt Hardy would then congratulate “PC Romeo and Juliet”. Eric Young also thanked the audience before the show officially ended.