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General Hospital Spoilers May 6, 2024 to May 10, 2024 has the latest and greatest General Hospital spoilers from Monday May 6 to Friday May 10. Heather receives a visitor in Pentonville, Jason gives Anna information and Dante delivers news to Sam – plus Ava takes a closer look at Sonny’s medication, and Joss and Dex engage in a bit of flirty competition. Read on below for more drama in the week ahead…

General Hospital spoilers week of May 6:

General Hospital spoilers for Monday May 6:

It looks like Kristina’s dad and Blaze’s mom are getting closer. But if they ‘comfort’ each other, does that make things even more complicated than they already are? Meanwhile, Alexis hopes she can help Kristina see things from a different angle.

Dante comes to a conclusion.

Ava feels frustrated, but by what or who?

General Hospital spoilers for Tuesday May 7:

What knowledge will Carly gain from listening to John’s conversation?

When Laura stops by Pentonville to visit Heather, will she have any news to share with the prisoner?

Anna is already suspicious of Valentin. What Felicia has to say today probably won’t help! If Valentin falls, it seems to be the end of the Cassadines General Hospital.

Why does Sonny come over to see Jordan?

After thinking long and hard about Drew’s proposal, Willow decides to accept it.

Stars from all soap operas past and present take a stand on a matter of life and death – and you’re invited to join them.

General Hospital spoilers for Wednesday May 8:

Finally, Jason tells Anna why he’s working with the FBI and what’s at stake if he doesn’t. Meanwhile, Carly, who is protecting Jason, tries to dig up information on Pikeman!

How will Sam react to the news Dante has to share with her?

It’ll feel like old times when Lois and Jagger (sorry, John) catch up. Even if he has a new face to match the new name!

Brook Lynn and Chase find time to spend together before the festivities begin.

General Hospital spoilers for Thursday May 9:

Finn may be the doctor, but Gregory proves to be an unwilling patient when they argue over his care.

Ava feels like Sonny doesn’t appreciate her and what she’s done.

Natalia may not be on the official guest list, but she’s determined to attend the big wedding!

Sam keeps Jason away from Danny. But will she change her mind when she finds out he’s been working with the FBI all this time?

Laura receives a word of warning from Jordan.

General Hospital spoilers for Friday May 10:

Carly is the topic of conversation when John sits Jason down for a serious conversation.

Ava continues to try to figure out who exactly played with Sonny’s meds. Meanwhile, the Teflon Don approaches Natalia with a proposal. Could he suggest they go to the wedding together?

Anna and Dex compare notes about his future with the police station. Later, Joss and Dex play a flirting game that may not go as either of them planned.

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—Richard Simms/Amy Mistretta