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Jewel won’t forgive mother after alleged embezzlement of $166 million

Jewel doesn’t want to make things right with her mother.

The 49-year-old singer accused Lenedra Carroll of embezzling her multi-million dollar fortune several years ago and has now explained that she has “no relationship at all” with her mother, nor does she believe in “forgiveness.” not at all.

She told People: “Our relationship brought so many problems to my mind. It was so much psychological abuse that I was afraid to let a therapist get close to me. But personally, I don’t believe in forgiveness. I don’t need that. a relationship with my mother to heal. I don’t need to hear her say, “I’m sorry.” We don’t all get the storybook ending, and that’s okay. We can still heal.

The Foolish Games singer explained that achieving good mental health is a ‘side effect’ of things working in harmony and is determined to remain ‘curious’ about her own self-discovery, and wants others to do the same.

She said: “For me, mental health and emotional well-being are a side effect of our three spheres working in harmony. And suffering is a side effect if it isn’t. It’s about being curious about ourselves and discovering. aware of our three realms and determined that we can change and have a say in them.”

Jewel realized when she was 34 that she was NZD$5 million in debt and accused her mother Leandra Carroll of ‘stealing’ her fortune.

On the Verywell Mind podcast, she told host and therapist Amy Morin: “34 years old, realizing I’m three million dollars (NZD$5 million) in debt, realizing my mother stole it, realizing everything I thought that my mother was is not true.” not what she was.

‘A very difficult psychological thing to come to terms with.

“I didn’t realize what my mother was until I was thirty. I woke up and realized she had embezzled all my money, over $100 million (NZD$166 million)”