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CNN’s Tapper schools Trump VP hopeful as he calls hush money payment a ‘filing error’

North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum (right) came into contact with a buzzsaw Sunday morning when CNN’s “State of the Union” host Jake Tapper lectured him for trying to cover Donald Trump’s hush money payment to an adult film star. dismissing the 2016 election as an accounting error. .

Billionaire Burgum, who is reportedly high on the former president’s running mate list because of his wealth and low-key demeanor, complained that the 34-felony indictment should never have been filed by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg and repeatedly claimed it was nothing more. than a “filing error” associated with a typical business transaction.

CNN’s Tapper wasn’t having it.

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Burgum insisted: “Everyone sees that this is politically motivated and, as I said, a reporting error is not something that would affect American people who are trying to put food on the table and put gas in the car – it doesn’t affect them . “

“And that is why the outcome of this trial will not change the minds of many people,” he claimed. “It could even help President Trump in some ways because it reinforces the idea that the Biden administration is willing to use legal practices to try to attack a political opponent.”

“There is no evidence that Joe Biden had anything to do with this case brought forward by District Attorney Bragg and you continue to describe it as a filing error. I think that’s one interpretation,” Tapper shot back curtly.

Another interpretation is that Donald Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, paid hush money before the election to hide from the American people. The fact that Mr. Trump had a date with a porn star, and they wanted to keep it hidden from the Americans until after the election,” he explained. “So far, the evidence I’ve seen suggests there was at least some political motivation behind it and they hid that to hide that from the public. That’s a little more than just checking the wrong box on a form.”

Tapper then interrupted the discussion on the topic.

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