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CIAA Softball Championship Day 2 Recap: Bowie State vs. Claflin ready for championship game

Glenn Allen, VA (May 5, 2024) – As day two of the CIAA Softball Championships comes to a close, we look back on a day of exciting action and standout performances on the diamond. From nail-biting matches to dominant displays of skill, teams left everything on the pitch in their quest for victory and advancement in the tournament. With each game bringing its own twists and turns, fans were treated to a showcase of resilience, determination and talent from all participating teams. As the tournament progresses, the competition only becomes fiercer, paving the way for what promises to be an unforgettable journey to the championship title.

1S Winston-Salem State USA 2S Fayetteville State
Winston-Salem State University showcased their skills on the diamond today and earned a resounding 10-0 victory. The game featured a relentless attack from Winston-Salem State, with Taisha Bratton and Aniyah Jackson leading the charge with crucial hits and driving in points to establish an early lead. Winston-Salem State’s offense continued to fire on all cylinders, taking advantage of defensive mistakes and singles to extend their lead. With strong contributions throughout their lineup, including Miranda Wilson’s crucial double in the fourth inning, Winston-Salem State asserted their dominance and recorded an impressive victory.

1N Virginia State USA 2N Lincoln University (PA)
Virginia State University and Lincoln University (PA) came together in an exciting battle for the diamond. Virginia took the lead early in the match, taking advantage of key goals from Jaya Diggs-Hagwood and Shamya Hankins to establish a commanding 7-0 lead. However, Lincoln University (PA) staged a remarkable comeback in the fourth inning, sparked by Jordin Cathey’s double and capped by Cailyn Dove’s three-run homer, tying the game at 7-7. The momentum swung back and forth as both teams traded punches, with Irlynn Richardson’s clutch single for LU (PA) tying the score. Virginia State regained the lead in the fourth inning with a sacrifice fly by Shamya Hankins. In a nerve-wracking finish, Virginia State University secured the victory with Alani Horton’s timely single, ultimately emerging with a hard-fought 10-7 win.

3N Bowie State vs. 3S Claflin
Bowie State University triumphed over Claflin University with a final score of 5-4. Claflin struck first in the first inning with a run, but Bowie State quickly responded with a two-run homer by Jayla Hill. The teams traded blows throughout the game, with Claflin tying the score at 3-3 in the fourth inning thanks to Morgan Tate’s double. Bowie State University regained the lead in the fifth inning with a crucial RBI single from Akirra Pullen. Despite Claflin’s attempts to rally, Bowie held on for the win in a tense finish.

1N State of Virginia USA 1S State of Winston-Salem
Winston-Salem State University and Virginia State University were locked in a tight battle as the game unfolded inning after inning. In the first inning, Winston-Salem State made an early charge, while Virginia State’s defense held firm. Both teams struggled to break the deadlock, with solid pitching and defense keeping the score close. However, in the fifth inning, WSSU seized control, using errors and timely hits to take the lead. Still, VSU rallied in the bottom of the seventh inning and engineered a remarkable comeback, fueled by clutch hitting and aggressive baserunning. Ultimately, Virginia State University emerged victorious with a final score of 4-3.

1N State of Virginia USA 3S Claflin
Virginia State University took on Claflin University in a game dominated by strong pitching and defense. Claflin took an early lead in the first inning with a three-run homer by Zecariya Fenwick. Virginia State’s defense held strong over the next few innings, with both teams struggling to generate runs. Claflin extended the lead in the fifth inning, taking advantage of errors and scoring four unearned runs. Despite a late rally by VSU in the sixth inning, Claflin maintained their lead, with strong pitching shutting down Virginia State’s attack in the final innings. In the end, Claflin emerged victorious with a final score of 8-1.

Excitement is building for the championship battle between Bowie State University and Claflin University, scheduled for today at 1 p.m. Both teams battled hard throughout the tournament, paving the way for an exciting match on the diamond. Should Claflin emerge victorious in the first game, an additional game will be played at 4 p.m., adding a new layer of excitement to the proceedings of the day. With the stakes at their highest, all eyes will be on the field as these teams compete for the 2024 CIAA Softball Championship.