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People’s body swap wish lists for a day

When I think about the movie Crazy Friday, it’s Jodie Foster and Barbara Harris I’m thinking of. I watched the 1976 version on TV several times growing up. I’ve never seen the poorly received 80s TV movie sequels, or the 1995 TV movie remake.

I have never seen the 2003 remake with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis, but there is so much love for that version that Disney is developing a sequel with the same cast.

Curtis confirmed it on Instagram.

A cameo from Jodie Foster would be great.

The starting point of all three Crazy Friday films is a one-day body swap between a mother and daughter, who are polar opposites.

The ’80s sequels strayed heavily with fathers, sons, a magical TV and a guy named Boris. I have no idea about the musical version – yes, there was also a 2016 stage musical and a 2018 TV version.

Switching bodies with friends, family, or enemies in fiction (movies, books, TV, comics) is a popular plot point. But what if we could do it in real life?

Reddit user Nyancad asked:

“If you could swap bodies with anyone for one day, who would it be and what would you do?”


“Whoever is on the International Space Station right now.”

“Get to hang out in space for a day without going up in a rocket or coming down in a capsule.”

“That would be neat.”

~ LordBasterd

ISS GIF from NASAGiphy

Cashing in

“I would pick a rich partygoer who is known to spend a lot of money, withdraw a bunch of money and hide it for myself to find when I’m back to myself.”

“The amount I get out of this guy is significant to me, but pennies compared to his usual spending habits.”

“Disgusting amounts of loose cash lying around and the guy might think the day I spent in my body was just an interesting ‘journey’.”


Bezos’ bank

“Jeff Bezos.”

“Will donate a few million to myself.

“I’m sure he’ll understand once he spends a day in my body.”

~ Duration-Team7416

See how your other half lives

My wife and I spent the day in bed seeing what it’s like from the other person’s perspective.”

~ acheron53

Nerd out

“Henry Cavill… and no… I wouldn’t want to have sex with anyone.”

“I would just stay in a room and flex.”


“JYou just want to play with his Warhammer figures.”


“Well that”a bonus.”


Henry Cavill GIFGiphy

Take a break, honey

“Definitely my wife.”

“She has some medical issues, so it would be nice to get her out for the day.”


I’ve seen this movie

I don’t know why, but I always wanted to be John Malkovich.”


Do I have a movie for you!”


John Malkovich GIF from Saturday Night LiveGiphy

Take a walk in my shoe

I would take my insurance advisor and show her what it’s like to walk around with one leg instead of two…”

~ Complaint duration

Graceful exchange

“An elite-level dancer, gymnast or figure skater.”

“I’ve never been particularly graceful. I’m the type of person who falls down the stairs or stumbles through the air.”

“I would like to experience that kind of body control.”

“In return, they can eat whatever junk food they want all day long. Just not fugu.”


Swan Lake Ballet GIFGiphy

Check in

“My five-year-old son. He has cerebral palsy and epilepsy. He’s non-verbal.”

“I would love to be in his shoes for a day to see what I can do better to accommodate him. To see if there are things that are bothering him that he can’t tell me about.”

“He is such a lucky little guy who deserves the world and more.”

~Berry Cheesecake

Toddler time

“Probably my 2 year old.”

“Just to see the world from their perspective so I could understand how they see things better.”

~ The buoyancy of water

GIF of America's Funniest Home VideosGiphy

Like Zoolander

“Probably some random hot guy trying to talk to people and see how it feels. Are there big differences in how people treat me or how comfortable or confident I am in my own (or rather his) skin or how it feels? like to receive unsolicited attention or interest.

“I know it’s not always sunshine and rainbows, but I want to know what it feels like to look really attractive and good-looking.”

“Just for one day.”

“I’m fully aware of how tiring it can be to get all that attention, being an introvert myself. But if it’s just for one day – because I’ve never had any interest or attention before – I wouldn’t would like to experience.”


Chilling in Washington

“Jimi Hendrix.”

“It would be interesting to experience death for 24 hours.”

“And I wonder what the hell it would do to him if he were alive again and in some random body in the north of England.”


Jimi Hendrix GIF by Recording Academy/GRAMMYsGiphy

Dying to find out

“Every dead person.”

“I would like to experience the experience of not experiencing.”


Vacay vibes

I would trade places with someone in a cool vacation spot like Hawaii, Fiji or Tahiti and have a day-long beach vacation.”

~ de_ui_k_nigget

Hawaii GIFGiphy

There are so many options with many pros and cons.

Who would you choose?