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Helldivers 2 has been removed from Steam in nearly 200 countries following PSN controversy

Helldivers 2 has now been removed from Steam in 177 countries after controversy with PlayStation Network.

On May 3, 2024, Helldivers 2 developer Arrowhead announced that all new players on Steam will be required to connect to a PlayStation Network account as part of a new security measure to help prevent “grief” and “abuse” in the game.

Not only that, existing players will also be forced to connect to an active PlayStation Network account to access the Sony-published game by June 5, which is infuriating players.

Many have noted that PSN is only available in 70 countries, which could result in players potentially not being able to access the game, which could cause a lot of outrage and bombardment on Steam.

Now with hundreds of thousands of negative reviews, Helldivers 2 was removed from Steam in 177 countries on May 5, most of which are countries where PlayStation Network is not available to users.

Since the initial announcement, players suspected that developer Arrowhead was not behind the sudden changes. And it looks like they were right according to game community manager Spitz.

β€œThe response from our development teams has been almost universally negative and we are looking for better options,” he said.

With the overwhelming response to the changes imposed by Sony, the community is hopeful that they will reverse the decision after the game was bombarded with negative reviews.

Satisfying, Steam allows players to refund the gameincluding those who play well past the typical refund rule of less than two hours.