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part 1 – The Ukiah Daily Journal

Throughout history, humans have experienced inspiration, often seen as communication from a transcendent divine being. This is so universal that I am offended when anyone claims to have the “one and only” communication from God. This is as foolish, narrow-minded, and insulting as the materialist statements that matter is dead, that consciousness is a biochemical artifact of the complexity of the brain, and that life is meaningless.

The ‘shaman’ has been around for thousands of years and is used in cultures around the world as individuals who are more sensitive to information beyond the normal, safe and familiar areas of the culture. Through inspiration, ceremonies and drugs, the shaman is vital to the tribe’s survival, determining where to hunt or how to heal the sick, confirmed by real-world feedback.

All three major Western religions describe individuals who hear the voice of God. In Judaism, from Abraham to Moses, the burning bush and the instruction of the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, communication from God is central. Christianity is based on the teachings of Jesus, who had numerous communications with God. The entire Quran, the sacred document of Islam, was transcribed by Muhammad, directed by the voice of God.

More recently, American clairvoyant Edgar Cayce, who died in 1945, left more than 14,000 medical readings, all sent while Cayce was in a sleeping state. These were compiled by the Association for Research and Enlightenment (ARE) in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Cayce lectured on remote humans, stating that all consciousness is unified outside of time, and that his subconscious had access to information from this timeless source. Although Cayce has countless critics and skeptics, the testimony of his thousands of successful cures is difficult to ignore. Before his death he had gained a worldwide following. ARE study groups are located all over the world to this day.

When I was younger and living in San Diego, my friends and I were researching metaphysical topics and discovered a local ARE study group. The woman leading the group was a psychic channel and gave readings to new people, providing information before getting to know the person. I had questions and decided to test her validity by listening to her answers without actually asking them. As I drove home afterwards, I was deeply disturbed because she had failed my test and I had to rebuild my entire worldview. Within a year, I had quit my job as an engineer and moved to the Mendocino Coast.

The Berkeley Psychic Institute in Berkeley, California, was founded in 1973 and focused on training psychic readers and healers. In the mid-1970s, a graduate of the Institute moved to the Mendocino Coast and began giving lectures and classes. I took a few classes and demonstrated to myself that any complete theory of the world had to include a psychic component, even though I wasn’t drawn to being a reader or a healer. However, a good friend of mine followed that path. She had a deep sensitivity, which she experienced as disturbing nightmares before she came into contact with the psychic framework of life. She has been making her living as a medical intuitive for almost half a century.

The advent of quantum mechanics made consciousness central to the world of physics. Observing influences what is observed, opening the door to the idea that the ground of reality is not matter, but consciousness. Non-locality, the transcendence of space and time, is now well demonstrated for both matter and consciousness, despite appearances to the contrary. This truth challenges our traditional view of reality. Although hardware based on quantum physics (such as nuclear weapons, computers, lasers, LEDs and solar panels) repeatedly validates the theory and has radically transformed our society, we still live in a culture of outdated Newtonian billiard ball thinking.

Every individual has access to non-local consciousness, which we experience as empathy, intuition and inspiration. This is intensely personal, completely independent of outside control, despite centuries of religious and cultural structures that teach that we are all separate. One of the ways to understand the social unrest of our time is to see that we are waking up from that illusion and beginning to experience our fundamental connection. This is scary for people who want to be told what to believe, or who have amassed fortune and power by telling others what to believe. But that world is falling apart as more people feel their innate connection to life.

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