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Dog with vitiligo turns from black to completely white

A dog with vitiligo underwent a complete coat transformation and his owner shared photos of the amazing process on Reddit. Four-year-old Buster used to have black fur, but it slowly changed to white over a two-year period. Now he looks like a completely different dog! Of course, he’s still as cute as ever.

At first, the change started in Buster’s face and paws. Early photos of the dog with vitiligo show these parts of his body slowly developing white spots. Later, these spots began to spread to the rest of his body. According to Buster’s owner, the transition actually started when the dog lost his fur. Then the bald spots grew back with white fur instead of black.

Side by side a black dog next to a later photo in which it has white spots.

“He would lose his black fur and new white fur would come in,” the pet parent noted. “So there was a point where he went bald in places until his fresh, fluffy white coat grew back.”

Many commenters on the Reddit post were impressed by the dog’s unique metamorphosis due to vitiligo.

“If you hadn’t shown the transition I would never have believed it,” one user wrote.

“First photo I thought, ‘No way, those are two different dogs,’” said another. “Those progress photos are awesome! What a transformation! He is a very handsome boy.”

A black and white dog lying in the grass.

Based on BetterPet’s analysis of this condition in dogs, Buster likely has what is called generalized vitiligo. This means that the fur of the four-legged friend is affected in various places all over his body. Focal vitiligo, on the other hand, tends to appear in a specific area without spreading much.

Another thing that’s good to know about vitiligo in dogs is that it is virtually harmless. Although Buster may have developed a few temporary bald spots, the skin condition should not cause him any further problems.

Side by side a black dog next to a later photo where its fur is completely white.

We think Buster looks great in his new ‘do!

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