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Doctor Who season 14 episode 2 spoilers: ‘The Devil’s Chord’

Doctor Who season 14
Photo: BBC One

For those who for some reason haven’t heard it yet, Doctor who season 14, episodes 1 and 2 release the same weekend! Just think that in just a few days you can have more fantastic adventures through space and time.

So, where does this bring us here? Consider “The Devil’s Chord,” a really fun storyline that in some ways also features The Beatles. This is an episode you’ve probably already seen something about in various teasers, and we hope it will capture the spirit of the band’s best work without us actually hearing it. (Remember, the cost of having actual Beatles songs in this episode would be astronomical!)

To get some more details on the story coming here, just check out the full story Doctor who season 14 episode 2 synopsis now:

The Doctor and Ruby meet The Beatles, only to discover that the all-powerful Maestro is changing history. London becomes a battlefield with the future of humanity at stake.

Will the Maestro prove to be a fantastic opponent here? Fingers crossed! While this season seems to be steering clear of some iconic villains, including Daleks and The Master, we hope there’s a chance to see a few others here and there who pose a real threat. (Don’t forget, we still have the mysterious ‘One Who Waits’ too.)

How many episodes are there this season?

The plan is for there to be eight, but remember, on the other hand, there will be a Christmas special as well. That’s one that will happen Bridgerton star Nicola Coughlan in some sort of role, and then we’ll move on to season 15 at some point.

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