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From Maldives to free fall; Freddy Birdy shares 9 common diseases that affect Instagram readers

Freddy Birdy is known for his humorous and creative posts on Instagram. He managed to gain a significant following and his admirers ardently love his posts. He recently took to Instagram and shared a funny take on the habits of the people who use the social media app. He described these habits as diseases and his followers found it extremely hilarious. The creative approach included diseases like Maldivia, Freefalling, Avocadoitis and more!

Freddy Birdy shares nine common diseases of Instagram users

Freddy Birdy regularly charms his followers with his creativity and humor. This time it was no different. He put a creative spin on the habits of chronic Instagram users and described them as diseases.

He even provided funny treatments for these special conditions. Thank you Doctor Freddy! Following are some of the funniest diseases:-

  • Maldives: For those who can’t think of going to the Maldives. The treatment this doctor gives is to go to the island, spend exorbitant amounts of money and compulsively post about it online.
  • Avocadoitis: This disease affects those who are unable to consume anything other than avocado toast.
  • Freefall: He uses the word to describe those infamous influencers who only do things when they get things for free. The doctor calls this disease incurable.

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This is how his followers responded to his post

Freddy Bird
Image credits: Canva Images

Many people took to the comments section to admire his sense of humor and creativity. Some said this funny post even made their day. A few people added their own conditions to the list. For example, one commenter wrote that he should have also added autoignition.

This probably refers to the habit that many people have of taking excessive selfies. One commenter said the diseases were incurable, while another who worked in the medical field gave his approval.

Freddy Birdy is known for his funny posts and these have helped him gain more admirers over the years.

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Do you follow the work of Freddy Birdy? Are you an avid admirer of his sense of humor? Let us know in the comments below!

Cover image credits: Canva Images

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