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The post of a software engineer who got a job at Google after five rejections is inspiring

Securing a position at Google is a dream for countless people around the world, and Qingyue Wang was no different. A software engineer at Google, Wang recently shared her inspiring journey on LinkedIn, describing her determination through multiple setbacks before ultimately landing her dream job.

Wang talked about her first attempts to join Google, starting in 2018 with an online assessment. Despite her excitement, she failed the assessment. However, her determination remained steadfast. Even when Wang was given a second chance by an interviewer, he was disappointed again.

Undeterred by these setbacks, Wang continued her pursuit. In early 2020, she underwent a telephone screening interview but was unsuccessful.

“My third attempt was in early 2020. I had a telephone screening interview, but I did not pass. Because I persevered, I reapplied for the position of Site Reliability Engineer in 2020. After four rounds of interviews and positive feedback, the role was unfortunately canceled due to the pandemic,” she wrote.

However, Wang’s perseverance finally paid off in 2022, when she landed a position as a software engineer at Google. Looking back on her journey, Wang shared a moving moment she experienced after passing the interview. Google presented her with a gift and a piece of paper that said, “Congratulations, the job search is hard.”

Take a look at the message:

Wang’s story served as an inspiration to many aspiring job seekers and has gone viral. Many social media users pointed out that Wang’s post inspired them.

It’s true what they say: never give up!

Published by:

Srimoyee Chowdhury

Published on:

May 5, 2024