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Fox News host: I’d ‘walk through broken glass in the middle of a house on fire’ for Trump

Every election year, the stakes are higher than ever before, if most politicians are to be believed. But for Lisa Boothe, a conservative commentator on various political issues and frequent contributor to Fox News, this year’s election is so important that she said she would willingly “walk through broken glass in the middle of a burning house to support Donald Trump.” .

Boothe’s possibly hyperbolic comments came Thursday afternoon on “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” in which she also said the 2024 election is about “saving the Republic and” the rule of law.

Boothe’s comments provoked a humorous response from former Hilary Clinton aide Philipe Reines, who joked that Trump should reconsider his running mate after her “wholehearted” endorsement.

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“Lisa is running for vice president,” he joked.

Many MAGA supporters on social media agreed with Reines.

“I agree, Lisa Boothe for VP,” wrote X user @FEGriffin.

And @gregorymil29269 agreed: “well done Lisa!! you would make a great VP!!”

“Well said VP Lisa,” wrote @loucannizzaro.

Watch the video below or click here.