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NYT Mini Crossword Today: Puzzle Answers for Sunday May 5

Do you like crosswords but don’t have all day to solve a full puzzle in your daily newspaper? That’s what the Mini is for!

A bite-sized version of the famous New York Times crossword puzzle, the Mini is a quick and easy way to test your daily crossword skills in much less time (the average puzzle takes most players just over a minute to solve) . Although the Mini is smaller and simpler than a normal crossword, it is not always easy. Stumbling over one clue can be the difference between a personal best and an embarrassing solution attempt.

Just like our Wordle hints and Connections hints, we’re here today to help you with The Mini if ​​you’re stuck and need a little help.

Below are the answers for today’s NYT Mini Crossword.

NYT Mini Crossword Answers Today

New York Times


  • Command to a dog – SIT
  • Joke that leads to other jokes – MEME
  • ___ Square, title for this puzzle given the only five letters used in it: TIMES
  • Initial words of the tagger in a game of tag – IMIT
  • Prefix with borne or begotten – MIS


  • Penultimate tournament round – HALF
  • “How ___ your mother” – IMET
  • Football players like Travis Kelce and Rob Gronkowski: Abbr. – T.E.S
  • “The Emancipation of ___” (Mariah Carey album) – MIMI
  • Chef who runs Apple – TIM

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