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Swastik Model: Oxygen Man’s Swastik Model Aims to Feed 8 Billion Trees | Nagpur News

Nagpur: ‘Oxygen Man’ AS Nathan’s ‘Swastik’ plantation model is gaining traction in the state, offering a way to combat heatwaves and the effects of climate change. According to the model, saplings of multiple species are planted in an area of ​​30 x 30 meters. plot in the shape of a ‘Swastik’ — which has proven to be a unique and sustainable approach to afforestation. With the plantation season around the corner, governments in various districts are looking forward to implementing the model. The ‘Swastik’ model was first implemented on June 5, 2022 in Kapshi (Akola) by the then District Collector Nima Arora and CEO Sourabh Katyar. It has since been implemented in Washim, Latur, Buldhana, Amravati and Pune districts. “I developed the concept after a lot of research. This model aims to create a diverse ecosystem by planting a variety of tree species, including fruit-bearing, medicinal and timber-producing species, in a specific pattern that resembles the auspicious ‘Swastik’ symbol. This innovative approach not only helps increase green cover, but also ensures the long-term sustainability of the plantation. In addition, the blocks between the plantation can be used as a play area for children,” says Nathan. “The diversity of trees helps attract different species of birds, insects and small animals, increasing the overall biodiversity of the area. The pattern also allows optimal use of space and resources, ensuring each tree receives sufficient sunlight, water and nutrients,” says Nathan. Nathan, who hails from Port Blair, was an assistant film director and also worked as a film production manager at a company owned by playback singer Udit Narayan. However, his dream was to provide oxygen by creating a tree revolution. Therefore, he left the film industry at the insistence of Indian computer scientist Dr. Vijay Bhatkar, whom he then met in Neeri. ‘Dr. Bhatkar, who is from Akola, where heat waves are severe, liked my model and asked me to implement it in Akola. . I left the film industry in 2015 and came to Akola. Since then, I have been organizing workshops and popularizing programs like “one student, one tree” and “one birth, one tree,” Nathan said. Now based in Akola, Nathan has established 70,000 Swastik plantations on government land. “My dream is to plant 8,000 crore trees. The country has more than 460 million hectares of wasteland, which can be used for plantations. I am in touch with the district collectors and CEOs to implement the model on the ministry lands. I have no commercial interest and work free of charge,” says Nathan. One of the main advantages of the model is that species selection can be tailored to the local environment. Furthermore, the involvement of local communities helps create a sense of ownership and responsibility towards the trees, ensuring their long-term care and protection. Nathan said the success of the ‘Swastik’ at Kapshi in Akola has inspired other districts and organizations to adopt it. fashion model. The state actively promotes the implementation of the model. Akola collector Ajit Kumbhar is planting 10 lakh saplings this monsoon.