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Event #33: $600 Pot-Limit Omaha DeepStack (8-Handed) | World Series of Poker 2024

Welcome back to PokerNewsthe official media partner of the World Series of Poker 2024 and home to live updates of all bracelet events.

Today Event #33: $600 Pot-Limit Omaha DeepStack (8 hands) will start here soon Horseshoe and Paris, Las Vegas.

The event starts at 10am and players can register (or use one of their two re-entries) until the end of level 12 (expected to be around 5pm). Players receive a starting stack of 30,000 and play continues for 22 of the 30-minute levels. There is a 20-minute break every four levels and a one-hour dinner break after level 16.

Day 2 will resume on June 12 at 11am and play will continue until a winner is declared.

Last year’s edition of the event was huge, with 3,200 participants and a prize pool of $1,632,000. From that vast field, one man emerged victorious. Joseph Altomonte won the event, his first-ever WSOP bracelet success, after defeating Michael Holmes head up. His performance earned him a $217,102 payday and an entry into the WSOP annals.

Excited by his victory, Altomonte told the press: “It’s a dream come true, you don’t even understand it.”

Year Submissions Winner Country Payout
2023 3,200 Joseph Altomonte United States $217,102
2022 2,858 Konstantin Petrushev United States $199,466
2021 1,571 Michael Prendergast United States $127,348
2020 Not held
2019 2,577 Andreas Donabedian United States $205,605
2018 Not held

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