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The Military Engineer Services is issuing a tender for the maintenance of a 5 MW solar power project in Madhya Pradesh

Representative image. Credit: Canva

The Military Engineer Services (MES) has floated a tender for the repair and maintenance of a 5 MW solar power project along with its associated components in Madhya Pradesh.


The deadline for submitting bids is set for May 25, 2024, while the opening of bids is scheduled for May 27.


The project is estimated to cost around ₹25 lakh, with a completion time of six months.


Interested bidders must pay an earnest money deposit of ₹50,000.

Contractors registered with MES in class ‘E’ or higher are required to provide scanned documents, including a valid email address, with their application. These documents must be uploaded on the company’s official letterhead. In addition, contractors must submit a demand draft covering the tender costs and provide the contract letter and its attachments. A copy of the GST registration number from the relevant department is also mandatory as its absence will result in disqualification from the bid.

Non-recruited contractors must also submit scanned documents, along with a valid email address, meeting the MES application criteria for Class ‘E’ and provide evidence of satisfactory completion of similar projects, annual turnover, solvency, etc. A sworn declaration and certified copies of supporting documents are required.

In addition, contractors may not have outstanding claims with any government department, nor may they be suspended, debarred or blacklisted from entering into bids or business transactions with government agencies.

Before releasing a work order, all contractors must provide the provident fund code number to the accepting officer. If the work is deemed not applicable, contractors may appeal to the accepting official, whose decision will be final.

It is imperative to note that subletting the work or assigning it to a third party through a power of attorney, excluding immediate family members or employees of the company, is strictly prohibited.