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Hebron man threatens family over $30 fire pit purchase

A Hebron man is in custody on harassment charges after police said he threatened a woman and her children after buying a $30 fire pit from the family and claiming it was broken a week later.

Officers with the Porter County Sheriff’s Department arrested Christopher Schott, 55, at his home Monday around 7:16 p.m., according to a report. He told police they took him to jail that he wasn’t actually going to the victims’ house to harm them, but that his “intention was to get his point across that they shouldn’t scam people.” “

The woman, who lives in Liberty Township, contacted police around 5:16 p.m. and said she had sold a fire pit to Schott through Facebook Marketplace. On the night of June 9, about a week after the purchase, she received messages from Schott saying the fire pit was broken and he wanted his money back, police said.

After the woman rejected the request, police say Schott sent her threatening messages via Facebook Messenger, including “I want my (expletive) money back! Or I’ll come back with a (expletive) Glock,” and “You think you can get away from this, think again (expletive) I’m coming for your kids.”

The woman told police the fire pit sale took place at the family’s home and since Schott knew where they lived, she feared he would return. She also blocked his account and stopped communicating with him.

According to police, Schott “spontaneously said that he had sent the threatening messages to the victim.”