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Chris Rock Trends on Twitter after Will Smith hits the box office with No. 1 debut

The controversy surrounding Chris Rock and Will Smith continues years after that infamous Oscars blowout. So much so that you can’t mention Will Smith without Chris Rock.

In light of Smith’s recent successes at the box office, Chris Rock is trending on social media. Smith recently released his fourth installment of the Bad Boys franchise. It went to No. 1 at the box office, grossing $56 million domestically and $104.6 million worldwide in its opening weekend. It was a big hit with the public.

Fans are taking it as proof that Smith wasn’t canceled after punching Rock at the Academy Awards. “I love how we all collectively agree that Will Smith was never canceled and we don’t care about the blow,” someone wrote on X, formerly Twitter.

“We didn’t cancel him, but we did give him a timeout in the corner. I’m glad to see Will back and doing great,” another added. Many others piled on and said they didn’t care about the blow. One wrote: “Imagine Will Smith waking up from the cinema behind you after watching Bad Boys Ride or Die. You see how no one cares about that Chris Rock blow?”

Another wrote: “Will Smith’s career would never be over or even stalled after that punch because real black people never related to Chris Rock to care enough. He punched the right black person?” Yet another wrote, “The world cares about Will Smith? Only white people care about Chris Rock. That’s why you can never cancel a KING like Will! He is who he is because he is who he is.”

Will Smith apologizes to Chris Rock

In the time since the infamous punch, Smith has publicly apologized to Rock. He sent a video via social media asking for forgiveness. “It’s all vague,” Smith said. “I contacted Chris and the message that came back is that he is not ready to talk yet, and if he is he will be in touch.”

However, he said his behavior was not right. “There’s no part of me that thinks that was the right way to behave at that moment,” Smith said. “There is no part of me that thinks this is the optimal way to deal with a feeling of disrespect or insults.” He also apologized to his fellow actors for ruining the night.

“To all my fellow nominees, you know, this is a community, it’s like I won because you voted for me,” Smith said in the video. “And it really breaks my heart to have your moment stolen and tarnished. I can still see Questlove’s eyes. You know, it happened at Questlove’s awards ceremony. And you know, it’s like ‘I’m sorry’ really is not sufficient.”