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A dish that is best served cold? Nancy Mace is facing ‘revenge’ from the Speaker she helped oust in the primaries

Nancy Mace must come to terms with the fact that revenge is a dish best served cold as she fends off a primary challenge from Kevin McCarthy – the former Speaker of the House of Representatives whom she helped oust last year.

Voters will cast their ballots Tuesday in primaries in five states, including the Republican representative’s South Carolina House district.

Tuesday’s primaries will serve as a bellwether for November’s presidential election. But they will also provide an opportunity for McCarthy, the former House speaker, to seek political retribution against eight GOP defectors who sided with Democrats last October and had him removed from his post.

Mace was part of the group known as the “Gaetz eight,” and McCarthy, who has resigned from Congress, has since endorsed her main opponent.

“It’s about revenge,” Mace told NBC News on Monday. “It’s also about honesty and integrity. And my vote to impeach Kevin McCarthy was about trust.”

Groups linked to McCarthy have poured money into supporting opponents of his defectors in the United States. Three of these groups spent $4 million on ads against Mace, NBC News reported.

McCarthy has endorsed the GOP primary challenger for Florida representative. Matt Gaetz, who also voted for his impeachment.

The former Speaker of the House of Representatives was asked on CNN last week if he was on a “political revenge tour” but denied the accusation.

Meanwhile, Mace’s main rival, Catherine Templeton, told the newspaper Post and courier last month that she “decided to run for Congress because of what she did,” meaning her vote against McCarthy.

Templeton, who served in the cabinet of former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, confirmed that she asked McCarthy to raise money for her.

In November, Rep. Tim Burchett, a fellow member of the “Gaetz eight,” told Newsmax that McCarthy planned to use the $17 million he apparently had in his coffers to mess with “a lot of people like mine and Nancy Mace’s campaigns , I’m sure.”