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Zangief sniffs out three level 1 supers in a row in what might be the craziest round of Street Fighter 6 we’ve seen yet

Fighting games are like a box of chocolates; you just never know when someone will wake up super ripped three times in a row.

In a recent Street Fighter 6 clip shared by Boltstrike on Twitter, the box of chocolates was opened, and what we got was indeed… unexpected. This might be the craziest Street Fighter 6 round we’ve seen yet.

These round images show how Zangief from Boltstrike competes against an E. Honda player online. The Gief player considers this clip “The Greatest Round in SF6 History”, and well, it’s certainly… something to see.

It starts with Bolt eating one of Honda’s headbutts and going into a burnout. The sumo continues to pressure the wrestler as they scramble and throw blows, leaving Gief with just a sliver of health left while Honda’s health bar still looks healthy.

To get out that last bit of chip damage needed to win the round, the E. Honda player tries a heavy Sumo Headbutt punch from the center, and with quick reactions, Boltstrike answers back with Zangief’s level 1 super. Since this is an anti-aircraft super and Sumo Headbutt Honda considers it an air plane, you would think that this super should took sumo out of the air – but that didn’t happen.

Instead, Zangief smells it all up and flies across the stage. After both fighters recover from their respective moves, Honda goes for the chip-out headbutt again… and Bolt hits back with another Level 1 super. It smells.

One good turn apparently deserves another and another, and the exact same interaction happens again, with Zangief smelling another level 1 super.

The funny thing here is that this Sumo Headbutt counterpart looks like it should work, but it doesn’t (based on all the testing I’ve done). However, this same super works against a move like Lily’s OD Condor Spire (even if the wind is buffed), as long as the timing is tight.

I say all that to say that Boltstrike did indeed have the right idea, but this counter just doesn’t seem to work on E. Honda.

This isn’t an isolated incident either, as Zangief is still seeing Level 1 super failures here in Street Fighter 6 Season 2 despite all his improvements. This happens because Zangief simply cannot grab opponents who end up behind him at all, making it difficult to properly aim this attack.

The round doesn’t stop there though, as Boltstrike starts to make a comeback despite whiffing three supers in a row. You’ll have to watch the clip below to see how the rest shakes out.