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9 future of work concepts that need more attention

Concepts of the future of work continue to evolve depending on circumstances and technological innovation. While AI, AR and VR were top priorities before the pandemic, other trends such as hybrid work and generative AI have emerged, revolutionizing the way people work.

“The traditional office model has been turned upside down and in its place a new hybrid working model has emerged. People now want to come to the office for meaningful collaboration, not to work alone, as it has been shown that most individual work can be done remotely,” said Javed Khan, VP/GM of Cisco Collaboration at Webex by Cisco in an email interview . . “Spending time and resources to transform offices into experience hubs that support collaboration both virtually and in-person is critical to supporting the hybrid workforce now and in the future.”

With many employees expecting the flexibility of hybrid work, leaders must feel comfortable embracing new habits and a new mindset when it comes to managing teams that move from home, to the office, or on the road, any day, any time , says Khan.

“Even as employees work in a combination of remote, hybrid and office roles, connection is still important and will remain one of the highest priorities for the future of work. Innovation will continue to be fueled by cohesion, trust and communication and only comes through human connection,” said Josh Smith, head of Americas CR and global head of talent management at Sedgwick, a global claims manager providing technology-enabled risk, benefits and integrated business solutions. “While this doesn’t have to be 9 to 5 days in the office, business leaders should emphasize the variability in employee connection across different media and forums, both in terms of work and interests, to create different of communication, and We must understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to fostering connection within a workforce.”