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The man admits that he refused to help his wife with her chores

One man had his reasons for telling his wife to do her chores.

Using Reddit’s popular confession forum Am I The A**hole, the 24-year-old man sought the opinions of anonymous Internet users on whether his actions were justified. For background, the original poster explained that he and his wife, 26, have been married for four years. They have no children. He works in consultancy, while his wife is unemployed. Sometimes there are months where the Redditor’s job requires him to work 70 hours a week for a month.

“Right now I’m in one of these periods,” he noted. “My wife and I usually do a 70/40 split of housework, but in weeks like this I hardly do that because 10 hours a day (no weekends) of mostly standing/moving means I usually collapse when I get home from the bank and then make some preparations for tomorrow.”

Unfortunately, the Reddit user’s wife hasn’t fulfilled many of the responsibilities she was supposed to take on. The Redditor understands that some weeks are better for his wife than others, and he’s never had a problem with the house being messy.

The writer is usually out of the house and working twelve hours a day, which means he doesn’t care what his house looks like.

He admitted: “My wife recently told me she was feeling overwhelmed by all the clutter in the house and asked me to help.”

His response: “I told her that if she wanted the house to be clean, she could just do her chores.”

After the Redditor said his wife quit. Then she said she was going to drop that comment because she realized he was stressed. They went to bed and he left before she woke up the next morning.

‘A few hours ago I received a text saying she was disappointed with the way I had responded when she expressed her needs. I understand that she is stressed, I understand that too. But I do my job. Is it so unfair to expect her to do hers? the Reddit user asked.

To clarify, the Redditor’s wife doesn’t stay home all day. “My wife is not locked in our house, she can go wherever she wants,” he said.

Most readers thought the Reddit user had a valid response to his wife’s request. Based on his grueling hours, they felt she should not have asked him for help.

“If one partner is working and the other is not, it is fair for the unemployed partner to shoulder the majority of the household maintenance,” one advocate wrote. “I’m assuming your wife isn’t going to school or starting a business because you would have said so.”

Another added: “Yes, I would have understood if there were children in the mix.”

“Adding children would completely change the situation,” a third agreed.

A helpful person: “NTA. But I would talk about why she has trouble cleaning and I would ask if the word ‘chores’ upsets her.”