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Father of three-year-old Lewis Hamilton fan pays heartfelt tribute for inspiring his son to overcome his racial disability

In a heartwarming story that has gone viral on social media, the father of a three-year-old Lewis Hamilton superfan has written a moving tribute to the seven-time world champion for inspiring his son to overcome racial strife. The young fan, named José, met his idol Hamilton during the recent Canadian Grand Prix weekend.

This encounter had a lasting impact on José and his father, who shared their moving story on Instagram. The father, a passionate Formula 1 fan for more than 30 years, has made the sport an important part of his life. He explained that his son has been watching the races with him and has become familiar with all the drivers and teams.

Passing on this passion from father to son is a legacy he cherishes deeply. On Instagram, the father shared a heartfelt tribute to Hamilton.

He said that from the moment José saw Hamilton on stage, he felt an instant connection. “Look, daddy, there’s a black driver like me,” José said the first time he saw Hamilton.

Inspired by his idol, José wanted to style his hair like Hamilton and wear a Mercedes shirt to the race. “José is three years old and we discuss racial issues with him carefully. We know the challenges he will face, but everything has its time,” his father added.

Hamilton has long been an advocate for diversity and equal opportunity for the disadvantaged, believing that everyone deserves a chance to excel, regardless of skin color, gender or background.

Lewis Hamilton’s beliefs led him to establish the ‘Mission 44’ foundation

Mission 44 is an organization committed to creating opportunities for young people in education and careers in STEM and motorsports. It focuses on three key principles: building an inclusive education system, creating career opportunities in STEM and motorsports, and empowering young people to take action and shape their future.

The mission to get black children into STEM fields has gained significant traction and has expanded from Britain to countries like the US and Brazil. The foundation’s efforts are beginning to pay off, with a notable increase in scholarships and internship opportunities in motorsports. Mission 44’s partnership with Teach First aims to increase the number of Black STEM teachers and therefore increase its impact.

Although Hamilton has championed equality and diversity at Mercedes, where he spent the last twelve years of his career, he will continue this mission at Ferrari. After confirming his move to the Italian team in 2025, Ferrari’s president John Elkann has shown great enthusiasm for supporting and advancing Hamilton’s cause.

That’s why Hamilton’s influence extends far beyond the racing circuit. His dedication to advancing equality and inspiring the next generation is a testament to his character and dedication to making a difference.