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Trailer for ‘The 8 Show’: Ryu Jun Yeol, Chun Woo Hee, Park Jung Min and others play an ‘irresistible yet brutal’ game for money

‘The 8 Show’ has unveiled its main poster and trailer ahead of its highly anticipated premiere and is sure to give you chills. Directed by Han Jae Rim and inspired by Bae Jin Soo’s popular webtoons ‘Money Game’ and ‘Pie Game’, the series delves into the lives of eight individuals struggling with financial problems and who receive a mysterious invitation from ‘The 8 Show’.

As the participants accept the invitation, they are drawn into a high-stakes game, isolated from society and subjected to extreme conditions. The goal: to accumulate as much wealth as possible before the end of the game, which only happens after the death of a participant.

The newly unveiled main poster features a striking image of a staircase rising eight floors, with the participants lining its length, each using a varied range of expressions. While those lower down appear tired, figures higher up radiate elation, creating intrigue about the differences in emotions and the gripping story that awaits us. The image is accompanied by a caption on the right, which refers to the continued accumulation of prize money as time progresses.

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The main trailer, released simultaneously with the poster, opens with Ryu Jun Yeol receiving a mysterious message: “I would like to buy the time you gave up.” Participants then gradually arrive and gather at the venue, arriving individually.

During one scene, a participant says, “We all came here because of money, and we will leave with an amount of money that cannot be easily earned outside.” Another participant added: “The eight of us are all in the same boat.” He proposes the idea of ​​working together to overcome the game’s brutal challenges.

Yet the scenario unexpectedly changes when they discover the unequal distribution of the funds, exposing the unjust basis of the game. The trailer then portrays the peculiar actions of various participants, providing insight into the bewilderment and unrest that pervades the environment.

The trailer closes with a zoom-in on the security camera and hints at the presence of a mastermind who oversees the entire show and keeps a constant eye on the eight people.