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Letters, May 5: Norway’s pension performance puts CPP to shame

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I realize that the Canada Pension Plan is a Crown Corporation and therefore not accountable to the federal government or to the citizens of Canada, but I would like an answer. Why did Norway’s pension fund, which totals almost $2 trillion, return 16.1 percent in 2023, while the CPP, which totals about $800 billion, returned 1.3 percent in 2023? It’s not that the CPP is underfunded; the CPP spent five times as much of our money on managing the fund compared to Norway. Are the people leading the CPP simply incompetent?


(That’s a good question. It would be interesting to see how CPP performs against other national pension plans, and especially how it has historically performed against inflation.)

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How many people know that years ago Tom Payne wanted to build a railway to Calgary with his own money, and it was profitable. So let a private company do it. Keep the useless government out of it.


(Wonder what stopped him, if it was profitable? This is Alberta – if it can be done cheaper by a private company, they should be the ones to do it.)


What’s happening at universities? I thought they were places you could go for higher education. I would have liked to have a university education. All they are learning now is anarchy and radicalism. Even the teachers are just as bad. Unfortunately, these same students will be our future teachers.


(It’s disturbing to see the so-called professors locking arms with these radical student protesters. The problem is that for years, universities have allowed their far-left ideology to take root, given them tenure and given them a platform. We see the terrible results from this now)

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Global conflicts are taking place in various regions around the world, such as Gaza, Sudan, Haiti, Myanmar, Syria and, most notably, the war between Ukraine and Russia. Each of these situations represents pressing issues. Yet these university occupations and protests still seem to focus solely on drawing attention to the conflict as Israel defends itself against terrorists.


(They are stupid and many of those students probably don’t even know why they are protesting)

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