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Craig David has been celibate for two years, so he can last longer than seven days

Craig David
Singer Craig David has revealed that his celibacy has now lasted two years as he searches for a more meaningful relationship (Picture: Getty Images)

Craig Davids has given an update on his dating detox, confirming that his celibacy has now lasted more than two years – and he’s reaping the creative rewards.

The smooth crooner, best known for hits such as 7 Days, Fill Me In and Rendezvous and who is set to embark on a major UK tour next year, is famously private about his dating life and has never publicly shared a relationship.

Throughout his younger years, Craig, 43, pursued short-term romances that lacked deep and meaningful content and last year said he was forgoing sex to “cure” his own problems as he hoped for more satisfying relationships.

‘I realized that the fact that I hadn’t healed my own problems meant that I was never in a position to open up to anyone else. So I realized I had to pull away from all of this and this has basically been the last couple of years,” he explained to Louis Theroux on the filmmaker’s podcast last June.

“Which means we shouldn’t go on dates at the latest, the sexual interactions will have to stop now, just stop that.”

At the time, he confirmed that this meant he had been celibate “for a while” and “maybe a year or so.”

Craig David performs
The 7 Days hitmaker usually keeps his dating life out of the spotlight (Picture: WireImage)

Delving into the subject again on Friday, the chart-topper revealed that he has now been celibate for two years.

“I just felt like I was at a stage of my life where I was enjoying the rock ‘n’ roll part and not being grounded and not being caged in,” he explained during an appearance on the TMZ podcast.

Giving an update on why he continued without sex, he added: ‘There was no time frame involved, I wasn’t wondering how long we can do this for? Or will you live a celibate life before getting married? It didn’t go that deep.

“Then all of a sudden it just kept going and I thought, man, my vibe is so electric right now that I’m just going to wait.”

The musical artist insisted he had felt no pressure to remain celibate just because he had told people about it and now had to ‘live by it’.

Craig David performs at the 2022 MOBO Awards, holding two fingers up
Craig said his creativity was “at 100” while abstaining from sex, although he had no end goal or date in mind (Picture: Joseph Okpako/WireImage)

He actually revealed that his newfound creativity had been instrumental in continuing that path.

“It’s been really good for me because man, the studio music, the creativity, it’s like there’s no drama, just atmosphere!” he laughed.

‘I know it to this day. For me it’s been two years now (without sex). But in a funny way, just like I was like, “Wow!” for myself, (my) creativity has been at a 100 for two years now, at a maximum.’

Craig isn’t sure how long his celibacy will last. He responded, “Who knows,” while sharing that there was “no rhyme or reason to it” in terms of an end goal or a date.

However, he also shared that his decision to abstain from sex had made him “more aligned” and helped improve all the relationships in his life, as everyone was on “the same page” after confusing and “not healthy” situations in Past.

Craig David
The singer previously shared that a breakup at 16 left him without love for decades (Photo: Getty Images)

He also has a sense of humor when he talks about it, considering his most famous hit.

‘When I talk about it I have to laugh because I feel like a lot of people are saying, ‘Yes, but you’re the 7 Days Man! What about that?!”

Last year, Craig gave fans a rare insight into his dating history, revealing how a breakup in his teens left him so ‘tormented’ he closed his heart off to love for 25 years.

The Rise & Fall hitmaker recalled being 15 or 16 when he enjoyed a two-week “whirlwind” romance with a “girl (he) was so crazy about.”

Unfortunately for Craig, their love “went south and we eventually broke up.”

‘My heart just closed down, I didn’t know what I had done wrong. That set the tone for the next 20 years,” he told The Mirror.

“I would never be that vulnerable again.”

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