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Army carries out five airdrops on Gaza with international participation | Jordan News

The army carries out five air drops on Gaza with international participation

05-05-2024 3:04 PM

Ammon news – The Jordanian Armed Forces – Arab Army (JAF) carried out five humanitarian airdrops on Sunday, targeting a number of locations in the northern Gaza Strip.

An aircraft from the Royal Jordanian Air Force, an aircraft from Egypt, two aircraft from the United States and an aircraft from the Federal Republic of Germany took part in the relief landing operation.

This operation falls within the framework of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan’s ongoing international efforts to alleviate the serious human suffering caused by the continuation of Israel’s war in the Gaza Strip.

The JAF confirmed that they will continue to send humanitarian and medical aid via an airlift to be delivered via relief aircraft from Marka Airport to El-Arish International Airport, or via air drops into the Gaza Strip or ground aid convoys.

The number of airborne landings carried out by Jordan since the beginning of Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip has increased to 92 Jordanian airborne landings, and 231 airborne landings in cooperation with brotherly and friendly countries.