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4 LinkedIn Live panels on mental health in the workplace we need to watch

It’s not just our Zoom backgrounds that are blurry. The Covid pandemic and the resulting popularization of hybrid work have intertwined our personal and professional lives. Now more than ever, workplace stress is seeping into our personal lives, while personal anxieties are creeping into our workdays. Prioritizing mental health in the workplace has become not only a necessity, but a moral imperative and a top priority for many leaders. As we enter May, recognized globally as Mental Health Awareness Month, two leading organizations of top management thinkers, Thinkers50 and The Silicon Guild, are taking a proactive stance in tackling this pressing issue through their Mind Matters collaborative initiative.

Mind Matters, a series of insightful discussions hosted on LinkedIn Live, emerges as a beacon of knowledge and support for all individuals and leaders navigating the complexities of workplace wellness. Moderated by Morra Aarons-Mele, renowned author of The Anxious Achiever and nominee for the Thinkers50 2023 Leadership Award, each session promises to unravel critical dimensions of mental health in the workplace.

Monika Kosman, marketing and communications director at Thinkers50, said: “In the wake of the pandemic, people’s mental wellbeing has become a priority for organizations around the world. This is understandable as the pandemic has contributed greatly to the increase in anxiety and other mental health issues. But it is also part of recognizing that organizational success is down to people. Markets are often seduced by technology, but technology is developed and delivered by people. The human side of technology and organizations has never been more important.”

What sets Mind Matters apart is its distinguished panel of experts, made up of celebrities from various sectors including business, management and mental health advocacy. This series promised to explain what mental health and wellness looks like in today’s new hybrid workplace, and its impact on leadership.

The world’s top management thinkers who will share their expertise in this series include Amy Edmondson, Andrew Barnes, Sanyin Siang, Rita McGrath, Alyson Meister and Megan Reitz. Their collective wisdom comes together to tackle multifaceted themes such as burnout, leadership, psychological safety, and the dangers of perfectionism, offering holistic insights into fostering a culture where mental wellness thrives alongside professional success.

The sessions are not merely dialogues, but will provide participants with actionable strategies to seamlessly integrate mental wellness into their organizational frameworks. By facilitating candid conversations and sharing best practices, Mind Matters aims to catalyze a paradigm shift in the way we perceive and address mental health issues in the workplace.

The significance of this initiative extends beyond the boundaries of the business community; it resonates with individuals on a deeply personal level. In an era characterized by unprecedented levels of stress and uncertainty, the need for compassionate leadership and resilient organizational cultures has never been more pronounced. Mind Matters is a testament to the belief that by nurturing the minds of employees, we sow the seeds of collective flourishing and sustainable success. Each session takes place on Thinkers50 LinkedIn Live every Tuesday in May at 11am EDT / 4pm UK, and is available completely free. Below you will find links to each session:

May 7: How to Make Work Better for Everyone’s Mental Health with Rita McGrath, Poornima Luthra and Andrew Barnes

May 14: Dealing with anxiety, overwhelm and the pressure to be perfect with Sanyin Siang

May 21: No More Burnout: How to Fight Back, Find Time, and Prevent Technology from Winning with Alyson Meister

May 28: Leaders Speak Out: Unlocking Mental Health in the Workplace with Amy Edmondson, Megan Reitz and Peter Sims

When it comes to nourishing the mind, there are no limits to what we can achieve.