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Why was Rob Marciano fired? There are rumors surrounding the ABC News meteorologist


This much is clear: Rob Marciano is out as ABC News’ senior meteorologist.

The lingering question is why. And why it has become such a big story.

A steady stream of media reports indicate that Marciano, who provided weather updates on “Good Morning America,” was fired in late April after complaints about his behavior. The Daily Beast reported that Marciano got into a “heated shouting match” with a producer from “Good Morning America” ​​and that Ginger Zee, the network’s chief meteorologist, overheard and reported the incident. Marciano and Zee reportedly had a rocky working relationship and had for some time.

A spokesperson for ABC News did not respond to a request for comment.

Why was Rob Marciano fired?

It’s all very insidery, with lots of unnamed sources and juicy gossip – the kind of reporting usually reserved for political battles or celebrity dirt. (Whether a meteorologist actually qualifies as a celebrity is another story.) None of that is pretty.

The New York Post’s Page Six column reported that Marciano and Zee were involved in “a bitter feud that was kept tightly secret on the network for years.” The ever-popular unnamed source said Marciano had a “short temper” but that Zee could also be “annoying.”

In March 2023, Page Six reported that Marciano had been banned from Times Square Studios due to his behavior.

People magazine intervened, reporting through unnamed sources that “there were always stories about him about his temper. No one who worked with him or witnessed his behavior is surprised by any of this.”

To be fair, People also quoted another unnamed source: “Rob is always positive, hands-on and never anything other than professional. People enjoy working with him and he is not difficult to work with.” And an unnamed source told Page Six that the furor surrounding Marciano seemed like a “hit job.” In another story, more unnamed sources praised Marciano and expressed surprise at his departure.

And you thought the weather was stormy.

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