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Miami Formula 1 officials recommend regulatory changes to the FIA ​​despite Magnussen’s acquittal.

Kevin Magnussen, driver of the Haas VF-24, was involved in the Formula 1 World Championship race known as the Miami Grand Prix in Miami, Florida, USA on May 4, 2024. During the sprint race, Magnussen received three penalties for repeatedly going off the track and gaining an unfair advantage over Lewis Hamilton. Despite these penalties, however, the stewards cleared Magnussen of ‘unethical’ conduct.

After the sprint race, Magnussen admitted that he had used similar tactics in an earlier race in Saudi Arabia to help his Haas teammate, Nico Hulkenberg, improve his chances of scoring points. He acknowledged that the three 10-second penalties were deserved and stated that he resorted to “stupid tactics” that he did not like to use.

Magnussen’s driving and comments led to an investigation by the stewards to determine whether he had broken sportsmanship rules. In their report, the stewards noted that Magnussen believed he had the right to race as he did, and that they accepted the standard penalties that would be imposed on him for any infringement. He also felt that building a gap between himself and the cars in front of him was within the regulations and was a common practice to help a teammate during a race.

The stewards concluded that there was no clear evidence of deliberate unethical behavior on Magnussen’s part and cleared him of any wrongdoing. However, they disagreed with the way he drove his car and proposed changing the rules for repeat offenders at once. They plan to raise this issue with the FIA ​​and the stewarding team.

McLaren team boss Andrea Stella criticized Magnussen’s driving and suggested that he take some time to reflect on his sportsmanship.