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Cray Wanderers – End of Season Individual Awards Winners – Men’s and Women’s Teams – 5/3/24

Winners of the Cray Wanderers individual awards

On Friday 3 May, Cray Wanderers proudly announced the winners of the men’s and women’s individual team awards, as well as the first Kerry Phillips Trophy and Young Supporters of the Year at our new home, Flamingo Park.

On April 20, David Ijaha was voted Supporter’s Player of the Year and Roy Stow was voted Supporter of the Year.

Roy Stow – Supporter of the Year

We congratulate all winners and wish you a happy summer.

Photos and images – Ozay Booth

Photo 1: Managers Player of the Year – David Ijaha and Hannah Atkins – Pictured with Neil Smith and Dean Jarman

Photo 2: Top scorers: Gary Lockyer and Jessica Oldfield

Photo 3: Kerry Phillips Award: Men: Alan Richardson – Pictured with Neil Smith and Sam Wright

Photo 4: Players Player of the Year: David Ijaha & Millie Main

Image 5: Cray Wanderers Women – SCEWFL Division One West Champions

Photo 6: Young Supporter of the Year: Boys: Alfie Jones (with David Ijaha and Neil Smith) – Girls: Chloe Gentle (with Chloe Ashdown and Dean Jarman)

Figure 7: Media Moment: Women: Olivia Gregory – Most Improved Player – Women: Chloe Ashdown – Special Award Winner – Ally Maloney – Kerry Phillips Award: Women: Claire Willicombe

Congratulations to all winners and have a nice summer.