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The Chery Tiggo 9 plug-in hybrid covers a distance of 1,214 km in one go

The civilian car was introduced to the Chery Tiggo 9 PHEV last month during Auto China 2024 in Beijing. Chery International claims that this plug-in hybrid SUV, destined for South Africa, can travel 1,400 km on a full tank of fuel and a fully charged battery.

This is easy to do if you use the industry standard WLTC drive test method to measure fuel consumption. The WLTC consists of a series of starts, accelerations and stops in a controlled environment.

The test is performed at an ambient temperature of 23 degrees. The 30-minute cycle is split into four phases of varying speed, ultimately reaching an average speed of 46.5 km/h. But this is not a real world test in our opinion.

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Chery Tiggo 9 put to the test

While we were in China, Chery decided to put two of its flagship models through their paces in a real daily long-distance test of 1,214km to back up their claims. A Chery Tiggo 9 PHEV SUV and an Arrizo 8 PHEV Sedan embarked on a journey from Beijing via the cultural city of Jinan to Wuhu in Anhui.

The fifth-generation 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine with third-generation DHT hybrid transmission was more than up to the task, ensuring the demanding driving conditions were met with efficient power and simple, comfortable and easy power switching . sources.

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The various ADAS systems of the models, such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking and blind spot detection, went one step further. It ensured that the demands of the test were easily mastered, with as little stress as possible for the drivers.

The latter was further achieved by using features such as the chair’s massage function with its various settings. And the double-layer laminated noise-reducing glass and the suppression of ambient noise.

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Electric propulsion key

It is worth noting that the advanced systems are programmed to improve the efficiency of the PHEV models. This means that they not only help the driver navigate difficult traffic conditions. However, they do this in such a way that the vehicle keeps moving as much as possible. And the powertrain prefers electric propulsion, especially in heavy and slow-moving traffic.

The journey, which spanned thousands of miles, demonstrated the limitless possibilities brought about by Chery’s technological advancements. And the exciting opportunities this opens up in the new energy vehicle sector.