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Dog seriously injured in fight finds forever home after years in shelter

After a long road to recovery from a dog attack, a pooch has finally found relief thanks to the support of a clinic and an adopter who came years later.

Cilly came to Stray Rescue of St. Louis four years ago after someone found him at an intersection. He had been involved in a terrible dog fight that left him with a huge, gaping wound on the side of his neck and body, swelling and necrotic tissue.

The Missouri animal shelter kept Cilly in their clinic during his healing process, which took several months. Cilly had to change the bandage every day and drains had to be placed. The team working on Cilly even used a fish skin chart to help close the giant wound.

Once she got the green light, Cilly was available for adoption. He occasionally spent time with foster families, but year after year he waited for his forever family to step up and welcome him into their arms. That was until Xavier Brown came into the picture. He visited Cilly a few times to confirm it was a good fit before officially adopting him in April.

Cilly’s happy ending was shared in a Facebook post from the Stray Rescue of St. Louis on April 27. Part of the caption reads: “We are so happy to tell you that while he waited for a long time, he finally found the person he was looking for.

Dog fight victim adopted
Photo of Cilly after he was taken to St. Louis Stray Rescue after a dog fight (left). After spending four years in the shelter, he was finally adopted (right).

Stray St. Louis Rescue/Facebook

Stay Rescue of St. Louis had a particularly difficult time getting Cilly into his forever home because of the dog fight he was involved in. Cilly didn’t want to live with other dogs.

“Cilly has been doing really well lately and is really enjoying his new home,” Brown said Newsweek via email. “He loves the long evening walks we take after I finish work and play before we both relax for the night.”

Cilly has already adapted to life on the couch, as he likes to lie down and watch TV with his new “dad”. He also likes to get attention from friends who come to visit.

The shelter worked with Cilly on his reaction to other dogs. Understandably, he was very reactive after his situation and wanted to fight other dogs, Stray Rescue of St. Louis communications director Natalie Thomson said. Newsweek. Fortunately, since being in his new home, he has shown improvements.

“We are currently working on ignoring confrontational dogs while we go for walks and he has made a lot of progress there, which makes me so happy,” the owner said. “We’re taking small steps, but Cilly is really starting to come out of his shell!”

Viewers celebrate

Several Facebook users remembered Cilly’s story when the rescue first shared it, and now that there’s a happy ending, they’re celebrating. The post had more than 4,300 likes and 232 comments.

“I remember him. So wonderful that he found his human. Many wonderful years of happiness to you,” said one viewer.

Another said: “Yay! Congratulations to Cilly and his new father! May you have a wonderful life together!”

A third wrote: “What a beautiful happy ending to a horrible story. Congratulations Cilly and dad! I hope you have the best life ever.”

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