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What is Le Crayon, this online medium to which Emmanuel Macron gave an interview?

Le Crayon was founded in 2020 by four student entrepreneurs and has 700,000 subscribers on all social networks. “We reconcile our generation with the media”, his website claims. Still little known to the general public, Le Crayon shares an interview with Emmanuel Macron, Tuesday, June 4. A twenty-minute interview that will air on his YouTube channel at 6 p.m.

“Dare to unite”, This is Crayon’s slogan. One of the preferred formats: the debate between personalities with radically opposing beliefs. The latest examples include: an actress and an X-rated priest, a feminist and a masculinist, a pro and an anti-hunter. “We want to stimulate reflection, develop critical thinking and cultivate curiosity among young people”, specifies the media. The target group is between 18 and 34 years old.

The media has become particularly famous for inviting numerous personalities committed to the far right: Julien Rochedy, former youth president of the National Front, Thaïs d’Escufon, former spokesperson for Génération Identitaire, Bruno Attal, former police unionist, Eric Zemmour, Florian Philippot… “Clear opinions every day”Take the founders of the media, who advocated total freedom of expression and promoted the culture of buzz. “The impartial and plural debatesays one of the founders, Wallerand Moullé-Berteaux, on his LinkedIn account. With guests from all over society.”

Some videos shared by the media have even sparked controversy. This is the case with an excerpt from an interview with Rima Hassan, which was published on Instagram last January before being quickly deleted. The fragment was incriminatingly reused by various media and political figures, without Le Crayon agreeing to subsequently broadcast the entire interview.

In October 2023, Le Crayon raised one million euros from investors including billionaire Xavier Niel and the controversial Pierre-Edouard Stérin, a conservative businessman who recently positioned himself for the buyout of Marianne. In addition to the media Le Crayon, the group is also developing a communications agency specialized in social networks (Le Pinceau) and a press relations agency (Le Surligneur).

Emmanuel Macron’s interview was recorded on Friday, June 1 at the Elysée. “Hundreds of broadcasts, billions of views, millions of subscribers later, we welcome the President of the Republic,” Wallerand Moullé-Berteaux is looking forward to his LinkedIn account. “An interview about youth, about Europe, about democracy, about the generation gap and about many other topics,” continues the founder. Before concluding: “It’s a real achievement for a bunch of crazy young people who believed in their dream.”