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Biden gas station stop misrepresented on social media

Bob Oswald

President Joe Biden made a stop at a Sheetz gas station and a supermarket last month during his campaign in Pennsylvania to pick up sandwiches for construction workers at Pittsburgh International Airport. Biden, accompanied by Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey, was on his way out of town after a speech at the United Steelworkers headquarters in Pittsburgh.

However, some social media posts indicate that the April 17 shutdown was not pleasant for the president.

“Biden tries to copy Trump by visiting a gas station in PA – instead he is ignored by virtually everyone there,” Fox News host Sean Hannity wrote in a Facebook post the next day with a clip from the event.

But this report is incorrect, according to PolitiFact, and the video shared by Hannity “does not corroborate his own claim that Biden is being ignored.”

The clip Hannity posted, published by C-SPAN, shows Biden interacting and joking with children as he enters the store. He is then greeted by customers and employees before being invited behind the counter to take photos with the crew.

In another video from CBS News, Biden is greeted by a man who gives him a hug and then poses with the president for a photo taken by Gainey. This happened right before Hannity’s clip starts.

In another post of the C-SPAN video from Biden’s stop, you can hear someone shouting profanities at the president.

“Wow, yes, great, great. Thanks for nothing. (Expletive),” a voice says in the five-second clip as Biden walks through the supermarket.

But according to Reuters, this is not part of the audio on the C-SPAN clip. The video has been edited to add that voice.

A C-SPAN official confirmed that the commentary was not part of the original audio.

“I can only speak for the video I shared: I did not alter the video, which came from the network TV pool that covered the president,” C-SPAN communications director Howard Mortman told Reuters .

TIME did not portray Trump as a devil

TIME magazine’s latest cover, released last week, features former President Donald Trump in a black-and-white photo, along with the simple headline: “If He Wins.”

From a social media post of the cover, it appears TIME added a satanic detail.

“They gave President Trump devil horns, they know he’s the end of their era,” reads the caption in an April 30 X-post with an image of a TIME magazine cover showing Trump’s head occupying most of the “M” in the “TIME” logo. Only two red points from the top of the “M” rise above the former president’s head, looking as if he has horns.

But according to PolitiFact, this is not the official cover of TIME magazine. It was digitally modified.

In the actual TIME cover, dated May 27, 2024, Trump’s head blocks only part of the “M,” and is positioned to the side of the dots. In the fake version, Trump’s image is blown up to cover most of the “M” and repositioned as the entire photo expands.

De Niro acts

A video on social media claims that actor Robert De Niro is shouting at protesters in New York.

“I would like to thank the terrorist sympathizers of #ProHamas for getting on everyone’s last nerve. Robert De Niro agrees and warns them with his usual ‘flair’ that they are marching for more #October7massacres and for ‘Go home!’,” read an X-post sharing the video.

But this claim is incorrect, according to the Associated Press. De Niro was actually rehearsing a scene for an upcoming Netflix series titled “Zero Day.” His speech in the video has nothing to do with the war between Israel and Hamas.

“This is a rehearsal for a scene for a Netflix series filmed on Saturday April 27th. It was part of a production,” a Netflix representative told the AP.

Netflix also told the AP that the speech De Niro gives in the posted video is from the show’s script.

Actor Jesse Plemons, who stars in the series alongside De Niro, can be seen in the clip.

No law against pit bulls

A social media post last month claimed it is against the law to own a pit bull.

“The United States has banned the pit bull breed as a pet. After the passage of a law banning pit bull ownership, police in the US continue to arrest every pit bull,” reads the caption in Spanish on a photo of a pit bull posted to Facebook on April 15 placed.

But according to USA Today, this is incorrect. There is no evidence that this is a law and there are no bills in Congress that would ban pit bulls.

Michael San Filippo, a spokesman for the American Veterinary Medical Association, told USA Today that there are no federal laws banning the dogs, but some local ordinances “may restrict or prohibit the ownership of dogs based on breed, appearance or temperament .”

• Bob Oswald is a veteran Chicago-area journalist and former news editor of the Elgin Courier-News. Contact him at [email protected].