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Billionaire drives his Ferrari SF90 Stradale surrounded by 9 SUVs to avoid accidents

The son of Asia’s richest man may have found the antidote to road accidents. To be safe behind the wheel, you therefore need nine SUVs around you, in addition to a large bank account. That’s how he drives his Ferrari SF90 Stradale.

The son of Asia’s richest man drives his Ferrari SF90 Stradale surrounded by nine SUVs to avoid accidents

Ferrari SF90 XX Stradale in London (screenshot video TFJJ)

The heir of the Ambani family, one of the richest in the world, knows how to drive a supercar through the busy streets of India: just stay in the center, surrounded by nine SUVs that prevent scratches on the Italian supercar. The surname in question had already attracted the attention of car enthusiasts because of the two billion dollar mansion that was used as a parking lot for the car park with rare and super luxury cars. These include Akash’s prancing horse, which is worth a million dollars, and the way he controls this beast is very interesting.

This is how @unknown_spotter93a Mumbai-based maker with a special love for supercars, captured the young heir on the street behind the wheel of the Prancing horse of 986 hp, which can sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in just 2.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 340 km/h. After all, who wouldn’t be afraid to dent this gem on four wheels? He probably read about the news about the accident in Finland, where a Ferrari SF90 Stradalewhich became one of the most expensive car accidents ever.

Satisfying, Akash has the perfect solution to this problem: no fewer than nine SUVs surround the supercar, keeping it at a safe distance from any hazards on the road. An ingenious solution, so his Ferrari is completely out of danger, but you must have the money to pay for such an escort.