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Karnataka Congress goes to poll against BJP Twitter video inciting communal hatred over Muslim quota

The Karnataka Congress has filed a complaint with the state’s Chief Electoral Officer, accusing the BJP of promoting enmity and hatred between the Muslim and SC/ST communities. The complaint was filed against BJP’s IT cell head Amit Malviya, party chief JP Nadda, party state president BY Vijayendra and the Karnataka BJP social media team.

The complaint relates to an animated video tweeted by the BJP on Saturday, which consists of caricatures of Congress MP Rahul Gandhi and Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah. It shows the leaders placing an egg marked ‘Muslim’ on a bird’s nest. After the egg hatches, Rahul Gandhi gives ‘money’ to the ‘Muslim’ hatchling, while others strive for it. This makes the ‘Muslim’ kid grow up and kick out the three others – SC, ST and OBC – while Rahul Gandhi and Siddaramaiah laugh.

In its complaint, the Karnataka Congress said that nowhere in the grand old party’s manifesto does it mention that there will be a cut in the funds of the SC, ST or OBC community, and yet the BJP has used ‘false propaganda’ for voting in the elections. ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

“The act is intended to portray the SC and ST community in a derogatory manner and the act which shows that the SC and ST community is being ‘kicked’ by another religion (Muslim) is with the intention of prevent or intimidate a member of the Scheduled Caste or Tribe. not to vote for a particular candidate who incites an offense punishable under Section 3 (L)(A) of the SC/ST PoA Act 1989,” the complaint said.

The state Congress unit termed the post a violation of the model code of conduct and questioned how the state media monitoring committee had approved the video and its upload on social media in the first place.

The letter also lashed out at Amit Malviya, calling him a ‘habitual offender’ who has ‘deliberately spread messages and videos to mislead the public and create false alarm’, which could lead to communal unrest and the SC/ST communities in a negative light.

The BJP has consistently attacked the Congress, calling the latter’s manifesto that of the Muslim League. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken out about his jabs at the grand old party, saying at a recent rally in Telangana that he do not allow reservations that Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribe and OBCs are given to the Muslims on the basis of religion.

The flashpoint emerged following the Congress-ruled Karnataka government’s decision last month to include the Muslim community in the state’s OBC list.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday criticized the Congress-led policy The decision of the Government of Karnataka to include the Muslim community in the OBC list of the state, claiming that the party plans to replicate this across the country. All Muslim castes and communities in the southern state have been included in the OBS category under Category II-B for reservation in employment and educational institutions.

Published on:

May 5, 2024