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Litter worsens flash flooding, leaving cars stranded on I-635 in Dallas – NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth

On Tuesday, May 28, Dallas Fire Rescue responded to two calls of several cars stranded on IH635.

Yesterday, Sunday June 2, they responded to another one.

Pamela Jackson has seen some videos and it worries her.

“It’s kind of scary because it seems like there’s something wrong with the drainage system because it can only rain for about 30 minutes and you’re already experiencing flooding, and it’s pretty scary,” Jackson said.

Jackson often travels on IH635 to get to and from work and fears she might end up on a flooded road.

“It seems like it shouldn’t be flooding so quickly,” she said.

Kenna Mitchell with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) said litter worsens the effects of heavy rainfall.

“Our crews have to go out to some of these high water areas to unclog the drains and they take out a lot of litter. Some of it just washes down different levees or maybe it’s already along the roads,” she said. said.

Mitchell said crews have responded to several dozen cases in the metro over the past week where flash flooding has caused dangerous travel conditions.

“Normally before the forecast rainfall we are sweeping and checking the drainage for any problems, but the problem becomes that once we have cleared an area it is sometimes only a matter of time before the litter gets back in and more debris is starting to fall in those areas,” she said.

She said construction along the highway could play a role in the flooding, depending on the intensity of weather conditions, how much rain falls in a particular area and the specifications of that area.

“In some work zones where there are already narrow lanes, it may take a little longer for the water to recede through that area,” Mitchell explained.

She said because litter can pile up quickly, coupled with heavy rain, drivers should check if they need to be out during a weather event and check road conditions on before heading out.

“You have to be careful in these weather conditions,” Mitchell said.