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Ecological tourism in Tuscany, 8 destinations to discover nature

If you want to do ecological tourism in Tuscany, it offers a variety of ideal destinations for those who want it travel with respect for the environment. There are 8 destinations where the tourism and sustainability they fit together perfectly and offer unique experiences with a low impact on the environment.
Tuscany offers a wide range ecological destinations for nature lovers and environmentally conscious adventurers. Choosing to explore these locations not only provides unforgettable experiences, but also helps preserve unique ecosystems and promote sustainability in tourism.

1. Tuscan Archipelago National Park

The archipelago is one of the few places in the Mediterranean where marine and terrestrial biodiversity is strictly protected. To visit means to contribute conservation of rare species such as the Corsican gull and the monk seal.You can participate field trips on eco-sustainable boats that limit the number of visitors to minimize the impact on the environment, and immerse yourself in the crystal clear waters according to the guidelines of snorkeling responsible.

2. Val d’Orcia

Here’s an example of how thebiological agriculture and land management practices can co-exist with tourism, preserving the historic and natural landscape.
Discover the network of cycling and walking paths passing organic farms and vineyards, where you can stop for tastings of certified local products.

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3. Maremma

Maremma is an example of this conservation of nature and rural culturewith extensive protected areas where species such as deer and wild boar live.
Plan a guided walk in the Maremma Regional Park to observe wildlife up close and discover the age-old traditions of the butteri (Italian cowboys).

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4. Monte Amiata

Monte Amiata is an example of sustainable winter tourism, with low impact systems and initiatives to protect forest biodiversity.
Enjoy skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer knowing you are safe supporting the local community that works to preserve the natural environment.
Visit the natural hot springs for a relaxing, eco-friendly experience.
Here are the tips on how to do it a beautiful trip around Monte Amiata.

5. Apuan Alps

Known for their marble quarries, the Apuan Alps adopt more sustainable extraction practices and promoting environmentally friendly tourism. Take part in guided tours to discover breathtaking views and natural caves and help fund local conservation projects. You can read ours here trip to the Apuan Alps.

6. Garfagnana

A haven for those seeking tourism away from the crowds, with hospitality practices to support this conservation of the mountain landscape.You can look for accommodation in agritourism establishments that practice the reuse of resources and the use of renewable energy, and participate in workshops on sustainable agricultural techniques.
Here you can find the Mathildean patha deep immersion in the nature of the Tuscan forests

7. Chianti

Chianti is not just wine; it is also a leader in sustainable food tourism, which many producers are taking advantage of biological and biodynamic techniques.
To enjoy it, visit wineries that use sustainable production methods and participate in wine tastings that respect the environment.

8. Isola d’Elba

Elba is a living example of how the tourism and environmental conservation can go hand in hand. Here, sustainable land and resource management is crucial to maintaining the island’s natural beauty.
Explore the island’s many beaches and pay attention to the recommendations for the protection of sand dunes and seagrass meadows. Take part in coastal kayaking excursions to explore sea caves and hidden coves, while respecting the rules of the marine park.
Try one of the 7 most beautiful routes on Elba.
Photo Marco Biella, Matteo Dunchi, Visitelba


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