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Mom-to-be will be ‘mourning’ the outcome of her gender reveal – and a strange demand

A relative of the expectant mother has shared details about her recent baby shower – and the strange phone call that followed. And people have a lot to say about the pregnant woman’s behavior

The woman has come under fire for her response to the gender reveal(Getty Images/iStockphoto)

A pregnant woman has come under fire after her response to the recent reveal of her baby’s gender – and the subsequent demand.

Welcoming your first baby is an incredibly exciting time for most mothers. But it’s no secret that some people really have their hearts set on a certain gender.

Such is the case for a parent-to-be, Lena (not her real name), who desperately wanted to have a little girl. But her actions have raised many eyebrows among family and friends.

One family member told all in a post shared on Reddit, claiming that while she is pregnant with her second child (she already has a baby boy), her husband’s cousin Lena is expecting her first.

Although the two women are not particularly close, they have reportedly made more of an effort in light of their shared pregnancies. And during their shared conversations, Lena revealed that she wanted to have a little girl, noting that she just couldn’t see herself raising a son.

Then came Lena’s baby shower and she found out she was having a baby boy. “She was visibly disappointed when she found out the gender of her baby,” the family member claimed. “She put on a fake smile during the actual reveal, but didn’t keep it up for long. Throughout the rest of the party, Lena remained frustrated and was cold and curt with anyone who tried to congratulate her.”

And that wasn’t the end yet. The family member revealed that she was preparing to throw her own baby shower (instead of a gender reveal party), explaining that she and her husband found out they were having a little girl, but the news came as a surprise to everyone want to keep until birth.

“A few days ago, Lena called to ask the gender of my baby,” she continued. “She said if I’m expecting a girl, she won’t come to the baby shower. When I asked why, she said she’s still ‘mourning her daughter’ and doesn’t want to be reminded that she’s not having a baby shower.” girl She also said it was only fair that I told her since she had shared her revelation with the family.