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Twitter is quietly scrapping NFTs as it embraces AI

On January 9, X (formerly known as Twitter) launched announced his plans to begin the process of reinventing itself as the ‘everything app’. This will bring new applications for artificial intelligence, peer-to-peer payment systems, and a heavy emphasis on slamming ads into users’ pricked-out eyes. But one thing it doesn’t involve is NFT profile photos.

Remember NFTs? They were so big on the internet, their heyday already in 2021. Those were wild times, when the whole world was apparently trapped indoors by a long-forgotten virus that is finally over, creating a kind of international crisis, according to historians. a delusion that led to large numbers of people paying huge sums of money to ‘own’ an infinitely copyable jpeg. Anyway, you can no longer use this on your Twitter/X profile.

As TechCrunch noted, at the same time that X owner Elon Musk announced a slew of new, unwanted features for the site formerly known as Twitter, the site also surreptitiously removed all references and options for having your own NFT as an account avatar. Where once there was a bizarre, poorly written explanation for how Premium subscribers could show their poorly drawn monkey cartoon on their profile, now there is simply no mention of the whole nonsense at all.

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Musk’s goal because the waving This apparently includes launching peer-to-peer payments, and implementing AI for “greater user utility” and “demonstrating the power of more of your life in one place.” The company claims it is already a ‘video-first platform’, with its ‘Immersive Video’ feature attracting more than 100 million users per day. Um, if you say so. But despite Musk’s previous enthusiasm for crypto scam nonsense, it appears NFTs are no longer part of this long-term vision.

Shocking stuff, huh?

Previously, those willing to pay tithes to Musk for access to Twitter Premium could do so – and I quote directly from the previous help page section “Create a Community -” create your profile so you can show off the NFTs you own in a hexagon profile photo on your account. Soft.

The section now reads: “As a Premium subscriber, you can create a community on X to connect with people who share your interests.”

It’s been almost a year since Facebook shut down its own NFT efforts, and since then things have only gotten worse for the utterly stupid, misleading concept. For now, though, your hexagon is safe at X if you already have one set. And please keep them as long as you can: they are a very useful service for letting others know who to mute on first contact.